Russian Defense Ministry: Russian army assault units liberate quarters in Artemovsk

07.05.2023, Artemovsk.

Russian army assault units liberated two quarters in Artemovsk from the Ukrainian military with the support of the airborne troops, representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry’s press service said on May 7 on the ministry’s Telegram channel.

“In the Donetsk direction, the assault units seized two quarters in the northwestern and western parts of the city of Artemovsk,” the Russian Defense Ministry said. The military noted that the fire of the army aviation, as well as artillery strikes of the “South” group of Russian Army troops, defeated the enemy. Units of the 57th Motorized Infantry Brigade and the 80th Airborne Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian armed units near the villages of Bogdanovka and Stupochka were hit.

Russian Airborne Troops units helped the assault units by restraining the Ukrainian troops on the flanks of the direction of the assault.

Artemovsk is located north of Gorlovka. Artemovsk is an important transport hub for supplying Ukrainian forces in Donbass.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the Russian military destroyed the bridge, and now the Ukrainian armed units cannot transfer reserves to Artemovsk.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency