Russian artillerymen hit a drone control center near Kherson

30.04.2023, Kherson.

Russian artillerymen hit a Ukrainian drone control center near Kherson, head of the “Dnepr” group’s press service Aleksey Rulev said.

Artillery units of the ‘Dnepr’ group struck a command and control center for drones of the 124th Brigade of the Ukrainian Territorial Defense, as well as an ammunition and equipment storage depot near the city of Kherson,” Rulev said.

According to him, the enemy lost about 30 servicemen. More than 10 armored vehicles and two mortar crews were also destroyed, and two attack drones were hit by anti-aircraft weapons.

Earlier, the New York Times wrote that it doubts the success of the Ukrainian counterattack, as the Kiev regime’s forces are exhausted from 14 months of conflict.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency