Russian Embassy in London predicts Ukraine to become a radioactive landfill

26.04.2023, London.

The statement of the British Minister of State for the Armed Forces James Heappey about supplying depleted uranium rounds to Ukraine indicates that the West intends this country to become a radioactive landfill. The Russian embassy in the UK published this statement on its official web-site on April 26.

The Russian embassy in London commented on Heappey’s statement saying, “It has by now become self-evident that the West intends this country to become not only an anti-Russian military “shooting range”, but also a radioactive landfill – with all the ensuing grave consequences for the health of local residents and the environment in the region.”

Earlier, James Heappey said that London sent rounds for Challenger 2 to Kiev, including those with depleted uranium, and the British government does not monitor the locations from where depleted uranium rounds are fired.

The Russian Ministry of Defense believes that using such shells would cause irreversible damage, first and foremost, to the Ukrainian fighters themselves.

The Russian embassy in London notes that with this statement, Heappey’s statements are a grim testament to the ruthlessness of the Anglo-Saxons’ policy of an all-out escalation of the “proxy conflict” they themselves unleashed in Ukraine.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency