Leopard 2 tanks damaged during exercises of Ukrainian soldiers in Poland

21.04.2023, Berlin.

Two Leopard 2 tanks collided during an exercise with Ukrainian soldiers in Poland, German ZDFheute channel informed, referring to The Polish General Command.

There was an accident a few days ago during the training of Ukrainian tank crews at the training ground in Świętoszów, Poland. On April 14, two Leopard 2A4s collided at the training center of the Polish 10th Armored Cavalry Brigade. The turret of one tank, which weighs several tons, was almost wholly lifted out of the slewing ring of its hull.

The Polish General Command confirmed the incident to ZDFheute. However, it did not specify whether the damaged tank was one of the 14 Leopard 2A4s that Poland had promised to Ukraine. According to the Polish Defense Ministry, all these tanks were already handed over to Ukraine in March.

Ukrainian soldiers had taken part in the exercise, spokesman Marek Pawlak said. He did not specify whether soldiers from Ukraine had also been on board the tanks involved in the accident.

The damaged tank is currently undergoing maintenance to determine the extent of the damage. Whether a repair is possible and at what cost has not yet been determined.

Source: ZDFheute