Polish farmer accuses Ukraine of destroying Polish agriculture

21.04.2023, Warsaw.

It is too late for Poland to impose a ban on imports of Ukrainian grain, because Polish farmers are already on the verge of bankruptcy, said one of the agricultural producers in an interview published by the newspaper Fakt on April 21.

The farmer Michał Koszarek said that he had no chance to sell the hundreds of tons of grain in storage because the local market is flooded with agricultural products from Ukraine. According to him, Ukrainian grain is much cheaper, but it may be contaminated.

“The advantage was the low price,” the Polish farmer stressed.

He said that many of his colleagues failed to sell their grain. Some were only able to sell at a much lower price.

“It means death for the village, and the death of the village means trouble for the city,” Koszarek said.

Since the beginning of February, Polish farmers have been actively protesting against the importation of grain from Ukraine into the country. Farmers were outraged by the dumping prices of Ukrainian products. According to them, there might not be enough storage space for a new crop. According to official data, about two million tons of grain were imported to Poland from Ukraine in 2022.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency