Nicaragua’s President calls Taiwan a “Yankee military base”

16.04.2023, Managua.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega called Taiwan a military base of the North American Empire on April 16 during a televised meeting with Luo Zhaohui, Director of China International Development Cooperation Agency (CIDCA).

Ortega called for Taiwan to be excluded from the observers of the Central American Integration System (SICA).

“SICA cannot continue to integrate Taiwan into its system, this Yankee military base called Taiwan must be removed, excluded from SICA,” Ortega said.

“Today it is clearer than ever that Taiwan is nothing but a military base of the North American Empire. We are confident that the time will come when Taiwan will be free from this military occupation (…), rather in the near future than in the distant future,” he added.

In his speech, Ortega accused Guatemala and Belize of “dealing with the Yankee base,” Taiwan. The Nicaraguan leader accused the two countries of blocking Russia’s accession to the SICA observers.

According to him, Guatemala and Belize “want to block the integration of Russia, which has relations with all of Central America.”