Ukrainian armed units fire shells with inscription “Happy Easter” at villages in Zaporozhye region

16.04.2023, Energodar.

The Ukrainian armed units fired mortar shells with the inscription “Happy Easter” at villages near Energodar, the Energodar administration said, according to RIA Novosti on April 16.

An administration representative noted that the Ukrainian armed units shelled the villages with 120mm mortar shells. One of the shells partially exploded, and its shrapnel entered the soft ground.

“The shrapnel read ‘Z velichodnem’ [Happy Easter in Ukrainian – Rossa Primavera News Agency’s comment]. This serves as further proof of the inhumanity of the Ukrainian armed units,” the administration said.

A representative of the Energodar administration also pointed to a video clip that had been spread on the Internet. In this video, the Ukrainian military loads mortar shells with such inscriptions. The city authorities do not rule out that this ammunition was used in the shelling.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency