US military base in eastern Syria is attacked

10.04.2023, Deir ez-Zor .

A series of explosions rocked an American base at the Conoco natural gas field in rural northeastern Syria, Sputnik Arabic‘s correspondent in Deir ez-Zor informed on April 10.

Local sources told Sputnik that flames and smoke were rising from the center of the US military base after unknown persons fired several rockets at it in the evening.

Sources confirmed that an intense flight of US helicopters and reconnaissance planes covers the skies over the area around the gas field, which is dominated by the US military.

After the attack, ambulances and fire trucks were detected near the base. At the same time, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) patrols blocked all roads in the area.

The Conoco natural gas field is one of the largest military bases of the US occupation forces and is under their enhanced protection.

The US military occupies 28 declared military bases in Syria, most of which were built on the largest oil and gas fields that produce most of the country’s underground wealth, including the Conoco natural gas field.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency