Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman: Moldova is destined to become a ground for confrontation with Russia

10.04.2023, Moscow.

NATO plans to create a ground for geopolitical confrontation with Russia from Moldova, said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova, the press service of the Russian Foreign Ministry informed on April 10.

“We have seen what the deepening cooperation of some states with the alliance and its promises of “support” in the face of the “Russian threat” lead to – “color revolutions,” coups, political instability and economic crisis,” Zakharova said.

According to Zakharova, the alliance is especially interested in post-Soviet states, which NATO intentionally uses as a “testing ground” for geopolitical confrontation with Russia.

The diplomat stressed, “Apparently, this fate is destined for Moldova, too.”

Zakharova pointed out that NATO’s intentions to draw Moldova into a confrontation with Russia look especially cynical against the background of the situation in Ukraine, which the alliance had previously provoked by promises of eastward expansion.

The ministry’s spokeswoman expressed hope that “there are still political forces in Moldova capable of understanding” the consequences of rapprochement with NATO. According to the diplomat, the unrestrained expansion of the alliance will lead to a loss of sovereignty and involve Moldova in the orbit of “neocolonial traditions of the West, which does not consider both the internal political characteristics of states and centuries-old well-established ties with their neighbors.”

On April 6, the deputy secretary general of NATO Mircea Geoană said that NATO was ready to go in its relations with Kishinyov as far as Moldova wanted to go in its relations with NATO. According to Geoană, the sad reality prompted Moldova to come up with even more ambitious proposals to develop a partnership with NATO and the EU amid allegedly growing pressure from Russia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency