Russian soldier tells of sadistic torture in Ukrainian captivity

04.04.2023, Moscow.

Ruslan, a volunteer from the DPR, gave details of the sadistic torture he endured in Ukrainian captivity, RIA Novosti wrote on April 4.

The soldier said that he was captured in early September 2022 near Mariinka. Torture began during interrogations when the captives were taken from a transit point to the Ukrainian Nazis’ location. Soldiers were undressed, tied up, and then hit with stun guns and beaten with batons. “I was interrogated like this for about an hour,” Ruslan said.

Then the captives were sent to the police station, where they were interrogated by policemen, after which they were handed over to employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). Here the Russian servicemen were subjected to the most sadistic torture.

“They threw me in the shed, then ran in, dragged me by my arms and legs and brought me into the house, started beating me, putting a bag on my head, a rag over my face, pouring water on my face,” Ruslan said. According to him, this is how they tried to persuade him to betray, forcing him to work for the SBU.

After an hour and a half to two hours of torture, the serviceman was thrown into a barn. After a while, a drunken SBU officer came to him with a workshop file and tried to saw off Ruslan’s leg. “When that failed, he got mad and started sawing his leg with a hacksaw, ripping his teeth with pliers, twisting his ears, and cutting off his fingers with a secateurs,” said the Russian soldier.

The former prisoner also said that the Ukrainian Nazis threw him into a pit, poured gasoline all around and promised to set him on fire and put a grenade in his hands. According to Ruslan, the Banderites did all this to frighten him and persuade him to betray.

In the end, the SBU decided that the prisoner could be useful to them for “correct” reporting. They indicated in the report that the Russian serviceman was allegedly taken prisoner not near Mariinka, but in another place.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency