Former Austrian foreign minister: Europe will face the worst if the USA bans LNG exports

04.04.2023, Vienna.

The European Union will face tremendous difficulties if the USA imposes a ban on the export of liquefied natural gas, former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl wrote on her Twitter on April 4.

“The LNG boom was based in part on low-interest rates. Credit created for a steady flow of money. If the US bans LNG exports to keep prices low, all these newfangled EU importers will have to make very tough decisions. In the absence of common sense, the worst is yet to come for Brussels,” the former minister gave her prediction in the event of a deterioration in the gas situation.

Due to the inflation crisis in the USA, the Fed is consistently raising its key rate. This serves to slow inflation, but creates problems for the lending market, including industry.

Earlier, Bloomberg wrote that producers from the USA will not be able to compensate for the OPEC+ countries’ production cuts by accelerating their own production.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency