Figaro: The USA launches a global movement to overthrow the US dollar

04.04.2023, Paris.

The USA itself created the situation when countries began to abandon the US dollar, journalist and political scientist Renaud Girard wrote in an article in the French newspaper Figaro published on April 3.

He believes that Washington finally lost control over the dollar after the start of the armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

“By making their currency a means of political pressure on other countries, the Americans, unwittingly, launched a global movement to overthrow the king-dollar,” the columnist wrote.

According to Girard, the process of de-dollarization can no longer be reversed. Countries are beginning to switch to payments in national currencies to avoid US pressure. BRICS member-countries are even planning to create a separate currency for trade.

Girard reminded that the dollar became the first reserve currency in 1946 when the USA announced that it would exchange its currency for gold at a fixed rate. Because of this, many countries “pounced” on the dollar for stability, but they quickly fell under US control.

“When the Americans started the printing money machine, it was as if they were producing gold,” the columnist noted.

The analyst also recalled that in 1971 the USA abolished the dollar’s convertibility without warning anyone.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency