Lopez Obrador: Castillo became a victim of fascism and class discrimination

28.03.2023, Mexico City.

Peru’s legally elected president Pedro Castillo, who was overthrown and unjustly imprisoned, was a victim of fascism, racism and class discrimination in Peru, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said at a press conference on March 28.

According to him, the putschists, who consider themselves masters of the country and see themselves in the position to plunder Peru’s natural resources with support from abroad, are to blame for Castillo’s overthrow.

“Everything that is happening to Castillo is racism against a teacher, an indigenous man, who became president because he was freely and democratically elected by the people, but they didn’t care. They began to persecute him and wanted to destroy him and with him democracy,” the leader of Mexico said.

He noted, however, that the silent complicity of the so-called democratic and free governments of other countries and the media is especially regrettable. “They scream like heralds when it comes to attacking the people’s government and remain silent like mummies when they believe that their economic and political interests are in danger,” López Obrador said.

Peru saw a right-wing coup on December 7, 2022, which led to the removal of leftist leader Pedro Castillo by Congress, who was arrested and imprisoned after the announcement of the dissolution of Congress.

Congress impeached legally elected President Castillo and appointed Prime Minister Dina Boluarte as president. After the coup d’état began mass protests in various regions of Peru, which, according to various sources. Around 70 people were killed. Protesters demanded the release of Castillo, the dissolution of Congress, the resignation of Boluarte and early elections.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency