New Russian elite is being forged in SMO crucible. Opinion

10.03.2023, Donbass, Russia

Soldiers participating in special operations in Ukraine are purifying themselves and beginning to see true values, Anton Novikov, a hereditary doctor, trauma surgeon, and oncologist, said in a March 4 interview with the Essence of Time newspaper.

Novikov volunteered to serve as a military doctor for a special military operation. He shared his observations during his service.

According to the military doctor, a special operation affects people like a cleansing fire, it opens people’s eyes to many things.

We begin to see true values again, the difference between happiness and pleasure,” Novikov said.

The military doctor noted that, for him, the value of simply eating with fellow soldiers is now much higher than buying an expensive car. He stressed that making any expensive purchases does not allow his conscience.

Novikov added that a huge mass of veterans will return home after Russia wins the special operation. In his opinion, this will lead to significant changes in the country.

New people and a new elite are being forged in the crucible of this war,” Novikov concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency