WirtschaftsWoche: Patriot and Iron Dome are helpless against Russian Kinzhals

07.03.2023, Berlin

Modern air defense systems Patriot and Iron Dome were assessed by the German economy as helpless, the German WirtschaftsWoche wrote quoting a top manager of the German military-industrial complex on March 7.

“And yet it is the experience of combat operations in Ukraine that modern air defense systems such as Patriot from the United States or Israel’s Iron Dome are highly helpless against hypersonic missiles such as the Russian Kinzhal,” the business news magazine quotes a top manager of the German military-industrial complex as saying. According to him, even when attacked by simpler systems, missiles sometimes penetrate the defense, especially if many salvos are fired simultaneously.

Earlier the head of the German military concern Rheinmetall Armin Papperger made a statement about the possible construction of a tank plant in Ukraine. He expressed his readiness to build an assembly line in Ukraine with a capacity of 400 tanks per year. As for the protection of the plant from a missile attack, he said as if by the way, that it “would not be difficult.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency