Kurginyan explains why Russia will not have a long-term friendship with Turkey

22.02.2023, Moscow

A long-term “friendship” of Russia with Islamic states, including Turkey, against the USA will never take place, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader f the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on February 10 on the program Conversation with a Sage on the Zvezda radio station.

Kurginyan noted that Russia benefits very much from developing cooperation with other countries along the North – South line. He indicated that a strategic cooperation with Iran is being successfully built in this context.

If we could have a long-term friendship with Turkey at the same time, of course we should be doing so, Kurginyan said.

He specified that friendship with Turkey would overweigh the problems in Transcaucasia in those countries that behave ambiguously. As an example of ambiguity, he referred to the biological laboratories in Armenia.

According to Kurginyan, these problems would fall by the wayside if we had a chance for a long-term friendship with the Islamic states against the United States.

…but this will not take place, because this can never happen,” the philosopher noted.

Kurginyan stressed that dreams about a united Islamic brotherhood exist both in our country and in certain Islamic countries. The political scientist explained why they can never come true.

Part of this super-radical Islam is under total UK and US control… This is where it is, in that package, Kurginyan said.

He also noted that the current relations with Turkey are quite specific.

When Turkey is given F-35 and something else, will it remain a balance between us and Ukraine as it is today? When Azerbaijan says we should be condemned for our invasion of Ukraine, it is also somewhat ambiguous. This is a very peculiar kind of a brotherhood,” the political scientist said.

He added that India, which remains reluctant when the USA pushes it towards a war against China, at the same time looks towards the USA and the West in general to a great extent. According to the political scientist, this happens because o India’s pragmatic national interests, which simply wants to develop. Kurginyan stressed that these issues exist, and that they will be an obstacle to Russia’s “friendship” with these countries against the USA.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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