Kurginyan names the main instrument of the “new world disorder”

22.02.2023, Aleksandrovskoye.

The United States turned to the strategy of the “new world disorder,” and radical Islamism has become the main tool in this strategy already in the early 2000s, Sergey Kurginyan, political scientist, philosopher, and leader of the Essence of Time movement, said on the program On Duty for the Republic on the Donetsk TV channel Union on February 8.

Kurginyan noted that Islamism should not be confused with Islam. Radical Islamism is “a special substance that was supposed to ignite the Middle East.” Islamist-driven turbulence was spun during the Arab Spring, and this process continues now.

“Turbulence … is being played out by the United States. How brilliantly and shamefully they played it out in Afghanistan! Shameful because they fled, brilliant because they created such an Afghan cauldron and heated it up so badly that one could not help but admire the visionary efforts of certain parts of the elite,” the political scientist said.

According to Kurginyan, in the future the world will face conflicts within Islam between Sunnis and Shiites. One should also take note that “secular” Islamic countries such as Turkey are being rapidly Islamized.

“It’s very good that somehow we find a common language with both Turkey and Azerbaijan within all this. But for how long? And what will happen when we lose it?” Essence of Time’s leader concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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