Situation around Ukraine in brief. January 25

We publish a summary of events concerning the situation around Ukraine as of 7 p.m., January 25.

Political situation

In the course of exercises of Russia and Belorussia, pilots practice reconnaissance, patrolling and suppression of enemy air defense – Ministry of Defense of Belorussia.

The Russian embassy in Germany said that Berlin’s decision to supply Kiev with Leopard 2 tanks is extremely dangerous and takes the conflict to a new level of confrontation. Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergey Nechayev said: “Berlin’s decision means that the Federal Republic is finally abandoning its commitment to historical responsibility for atrocious crimes committed against our people by National Socialism in the Great Patriotic War, which know no statute of limitations. The difficult path of post-war reconciliation between Russians and Germans is being consigned to oblivion. With the approval of the German government, battle tanks with German crosses are to be sent to the “Eastern Front” again, which will inevitably lead not only to the death of Russian soldiers, but also to the death of civilians.”

Vladimir Putin stated, “juridically, there are US occupation troops on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany.” He added that “after World War II, Germany was divided into four sectors: American, English, French and Soviet. The USSR formalized the termination of this occupation status, but the USA did not.”

European countries will sooner or later regain their lost sovereignty, but this will probably take time, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on January 25 at a meeting with students on the occasion of Tatiana Day.

The United States’ unambiguous desire to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia became evident, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. “The United States has unequivocally stated its desire to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia. It is impossible to ignore the reality,” the statement reads.

Commenting on the statement by the advisor to the head of the Ukrainian presidential office Mikhail Podolyak, Peskov said that Moscow had made the right move by launching a special operation in Ukraine. This will help protect Russian territory from the aggression of the Nazi Kiev regime.

Economic cooperation between South Africa and the Russian Federation will be based on national currencies. This was stated by Oleg Ozerov, head of the secretariat of the Russia-Africa Partnership Forum, during a discussion at the Valdai International Club.


Ukraine has toughened the responsibility of the military for failure to carry out combat orders, the relevant law was signed by President Vladimir Zelensky.

The document provides from 3 to 7 years in prison for failure to follow orders, from 5 to 12 years for desertion, from 5 to 10 years for unauthorized abandonment of a unit or duty station and from 5 to 10 years in prison for unauthorized abandonment of a battlefield or refusal to use weapons. Human rights activists fear that the law will significantly limit the right of Ukrainian soldiers to judicial protection.

Zelensky signed a decree extending the sanctions of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine against 10 representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) and the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces officially acknowledged the loss of Soledar for the first time, “After several months of heavy fighting, the Ukrainian Armed Forces left the city to retreat to prepared positions to save their personnel.”

Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine and former ambassador to Germany Melnik demanded that Berlin supply Kiev with fighter jets, warships and submarines.

The head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Epiphany, is on his first official visit to Rome, the press service of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine reported.

The Office of the President of Ukraine named the real rate of income taxation of Ukrainians, which takes away almost half of the official salary. The Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Rostislav Shurma said that the rate is 51.5%, which includes 22% of the Single Social Contribution, 18% of the tax on personal income and 1.5% of the military fee. “In fact, no one ever voices it, but you have to understand that the effective taxation of the income of our citizens today is 51.5%,” he said. He gave the example that to pay a salary of 20 thousand, the employer must pay about 11 thousand hryvnia tax.

Western countries and their supporters

Ukraine may receive American Abrams tanks no sooner than in a year – CNN.

Germany announced that it would send Ukraine 14 Leopard 2 tanks. Berlin will also allow other countries to re-export tanks to Ukraine – German government.

Leopard 2 tanks may begin to be used in Ukraine in about three months. First, training exercises will be conducted, and then the equipment will be sent to Kiev, German Defense Minister Pistorius said.

There will be no decision to supply Western aircraft to Ukraine, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said when asked about deliveries of Leopard combat tanks to the Kiev regime. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper wrote on 25 January.

Spain has joined the European plan to supply Leopard tanks to Ukraine – El Pais newspaper.

The United States will send Ukraine 31 Abrams tanks for $400 million, Bloomberg reports.

Finland will continue discussions with NATO on its membership in the alliance separately from Sweden. Omer Celik, a spokesman for the ruling Justice and Development Party, said this. The party also said that Turkey now has nothing to talk about with Sweden on the NATO membership process, the situation is deteriorating.

Finland is considering various options to participate in the creation of a powerful tank unit for Ukraine, in particular – the organization of training for Ukrainian tank soldiers. Finnish President Sauli Niiniste said this during a joint press conference with Vladyimir Zelensky in Kiev.

Australia has joined the ranks of countries that intend to seek a tribunal of Russian authorities, Leader of the Australian Government in the Senate Penny Wong wrote on January 25 on Twitter. Australia has joined like-minded countries, such as France and Britain, that want to ensure the Russian leadership is brought to justice.

The USA will ramp up production of artillery shells for deliveries to Ukraine, the New York Times wrote citing its Pentagon source. In two years, the monthly production of 155mm shells should increase to 90,000. The US industry now produces 14,400 each month.

The administration of US President Joe Biden began to work through plans to contain Russia after the conflict in Ukraine ended, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and other unnamed officials said, according to The Washington Post (WP). “The importance of maneuver weapons isn’t just to give Ukraine strength now to regain territory but as a deterrent against future Russian attacks,” explained a State Department official familiar with Blinken’s thinking. “Maneuver is the future.”

French military forces numbering 400 people will leave the territory of Burkina Faso within a month, said French Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu on January 25 on air of the TV channel France 5.

As part of military aid to Ukraine, Washington will send Kiev 31 M1 Abrams tanks, US President Joe Biden said in his televised address. He pointed out that the transfer of American tanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be accompanied by deliveries of weapons from other countries. The Ukrainian side is now preparing for a counterattack, the US president added. He also added that the USA will support Ukraine as long as necessary.

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