Russian Senator describes Western politics in the words of Merkel, the Germany’s former Chancellor

06.01.2023, Moscow.

Politics is more important than economics – this is the main lesson of 2022, wrote Senator Aleksey Pushkov on January 6 on his Telegram channel.

According to Pushkov, 2022 has shown that politics always dominates the economy. Therefore, no major economic ties guarantee the preservation of political peace.

“Therefore, if the sum of contradictions is such that it leads to a large-scale political confrontation, it is wrong to consider trade and economic ties as a guard against escalation in the military-political conflict, no matter how important they may be, whether it is natural gas, oil, or something else,” wrote the senator.

Even a half-trillion trade turnover between the US and China can delay, but not stop a military clash between them, Pushkov uses as an example.

“An acute crisis over Taiwan takes place when both sides refuse to back off from their conflicting political doctrines,” wrote the senator.

According to Pushkov, European countries are ready to sacrifice their economic well-being for the sake of the political agenda. In particular, sanctions imposed against Russia in connection with the events in Ukraine caused an energy crisis in European countries.

A few years ago, Angela Merkel, while still a German chancellor, said: “Politics is more important than economics.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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