Estonian army shows first HIMARS MLRS arriving in the country

06.01.2023, Estonia

The Estonian Defense Forces held a presentation of the first HIMARS multiple rocket launcher purchased from the United States at a military facility in the city of Tapa, ERR reported on January 6.

You already know that Estonia has purchased the HIMARS long-range rocket launchers, the supplies will be completed in the next few years. For this reason, I am doubly pleased that an American unit equipped with these systems is already here to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank,” Hanno Pevkur, the republic’s defense minister, said at the presentation.

The commander of the defense forces, General Martin Herem, stressed the importance of these systems for the Estonian army firepower improvement and the change in the strategic situation on the Estonian-Russian border.

The photographs show the MLRS system, which had arrived in Estonia, in a hangar during a ceremony attended by Estonian and American servicemen. In addition, the capabilities of the HIMARS maneuvers were demonstrated in the open air.

Earlier it was reported that the first HIMARS, along with a group of US instructors, had already arrived in Estonia to train the local troops in operating the MLRS already purchased from the United States. This type of armament will be adopted by the Estonian Defense Forces in 2024.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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