Stalin’s great-grandson: State-level recognition of Stalin’s merits will help Russia to win special operation

22.12.2022, Moscow.

Artist Selim Bensaad, Stalin’s great-grandson, wrote an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin on December 21, the birthday of his great-grandfather, requesting his rehabilitation and a ban on calling Stalin a “dictator” and a “bloody tyrant,” the letter was published on the website.

Bensaad noted in the letter that according to the official version, Stalin was born on December 21, 1879 (the family version – December 18, 1878), and March 5, 2023 will be 70 years since the death of the Soviet Union’s Generalissimo Stalin.

Bensaad also recalled that in his book Secrets of the Stalin family: Confessions of the last Dzhugashvili, written jointly with historian Lana Parshina, he conducted a detailed documentary investigation of the cause of death of great-grandfather and “is convinced of the criminal component: that is, I believe that great-grandfather was poisoned.”

Great-grandson believes that after the death of Stalin, “a real informational war – “dehumanization “, creating the image of “bloody dictator and tyrant” – was unleashed against him, which was publicly conducted by Nikita Khrushchev during his tenure as leader of the USSR.

Bensaad also recalled the transfer of Crimea to Ukraine during the rule of Nikita Khrushchev (1953-1964) and his amnesty for the Banderites – actions that Stalin’s great-grandson called mistakes or deliberate intent, for which “Russia is now paying with great blood and sacrifice.”

Bensaad also mentioned the surviving unique archival record of Stalin’s speech in Moscow on May 9, 1945, in which Stalin said that the West would continue to try to “tear the Caucasus at any cost and to fight the USSR with the hands of Ukraine.” “He actually predicted the events of our present time – difficult but fair!” Bensaad noted.

In conclusion, the great-grandson of the Generalissimo wrote, “I am convinced that the recognition of Stalin’s merits at the state level and a change of attitude towards him in society will help Russia to win the special operation … Stalin’s name will illuminate the glorious path of our army.”

“I ask to recognize at the state level the merits of Stalin before our country and society; to legally ban references to Stalin as a ‘dictator’ and ‘bloody tyrant’; to recognize him illegally suffered (posthumously) from slander, information warfare and informational fakes,” Stalin’s great-grandson urged.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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