Kurginyan tells what will save Russia when it “hits the wall”

16.12.2022, Aleksandrovskoye.

A violent collision with reality is inevitable for Russia, and the country’s future depends on whether the “fear and vitalityof the ruling elite are used constructively, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in an interview to Anna Shafran on the Zvezda radio station published on December 9 on YouTube.

Speaking about Russia’s outlook in its confrontation with the West given the current state of things, Kurginyan insisted that a collision with reality is inevitable.

If they can survive without changing anything, let them do so, I do not want to hinder them. I just see mathematically that this is impossible,” the political scientist said.

When such a collision takes place, such components of the ruling elite as fear and vitality will be important.

Fear, unless it paralyzes you, stimulates you to act; fear is a great power,” Kurginyan believes.

Also, internal vitality is important as a survival instinct that needs to work “when we hit the wall.”

When this moment comes, will this blow be one that saves and sobers us, or will it be shocking and destructive? That is what everything now depends upon, the philosopher noted.

Meanwhile, according to the political scientist, instead of fear, “there are neurotic defense mechanisms and numerous exclamations that we have a tremendous army.”

They defend against fear, because, as I already said, ‘it is scarier to see an abyss than to make a step into it,’ and I don’t completely understand their degree of vitality now, Kurginyan indicated.

The leader of Essence of Time called everyone including “the generals of the information wars” to prepare for such a collision instead of lulling the elite and society.

The moral, existential, metaphysical, and pragmatic objective is to ensure a positive, rather than a negative effect the moment when we hit against the wall. This is what we need prediction, discussion, intelligence etc. for, Kurginyan concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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