French historian: Sanctions against Russia have backfired

01.11.2022, Paris.

French historian Gil Mihaely acknowledged the boomerang effect of anti-Russian sanctions in an article published by Causeur on October 27.

In the article, Mihaely acknowledged that the sanctions, which Europe considered its main weapon against Russia, had mostly had the opposite effect, damaging Europe itself. The ban on Russian oil supplies, according to him, has only complicated the already difficult situation in the EU.

He believes that it is impossible to set an oil price cap because this would require the creation of a cartel consisting of oil consumers. However, if it were possible, Europe would have created such a cartel even earlier.

“After all, if such a thing was possible, why didn’t we set such a price cap years ago to lower oil prices and disarm OPEC?” Mihaely wondered.

He also noted that the culmination of the effect of the sanctions would be the entry into force of the ban on the purchase of Russian oil in December of this year. The author of the article argues that the supposed “punishment of Russia” will in fact turn out to be “self-punishment.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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