Kurginyan explains what Russia has to avoid by any means

21.09.2022, Moscow.

Russia must do its best to prevent any kind of a second front until it wins the special operation in Ukraine as its only and highest priority, said political scientist, philosopher and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on September 17 on the Right to Know program on TVC.

He noted that the ongoing campaign in Ukraine is of existential importance to Russia. According to Kurginyan, the conflict with the West is very serious and irrevocable.

“Until we win in this conflict we must not allow any expansion of our confrontation zones. Mr. Erdoğan’s policy is quite ambiguous. But his policy towards us is not really confrontational as of yet. I emphasize, as of yet. Therefore, anyone who develop any patterns of polite interaction with Mr. Erdoğan are correct in doing so,” Kurginyan said.

He explained that certain forces would wish for Erdoğan to become completely engaged in the anti-Russian action. However, according to the political scientist, it is still possible that the current agreements can be violated not even by Erdoğan but by the Grey Wolves.

“The relations between Putin and Erdoğan will determine everything. Azerbaijan and Armenia are all secondary things,” the expert stressed.

He noted that in Armenia, there is a very strong US and French pro-Western influence. At the same time he believes that Armenia will never be anti-Russian.

“But I would not really say that it is all that unambiguous. In the longer term, it will all be different. There are very many things that bother me,” he explained.

According to the political scientist, a very authoritative source told him that if the Armenian territorial integrity is violated, the Iranian army will immediately enter.

Kurginyan believes that very capable people like the head of British intelligence Richard Moore want to push Russia to an extreme situation, and that they will do everything they can to draw us into further actual conflicts.

“Hopefully, those who are responsible for practical policy in Russia have enough will and wisdom to regulate everything today based on the highest Ukrainian priority,” Kurginyan concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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