Lavrov: West’s hegemony implies a racist division of the world

27.08.2022, Moscow.

West’s hegemony is an attempt to ignore the multipolarity of the world, which is racist in its essence, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said speaking to representatives of the fifth Global Forum of Young Diplomats, the Russian Foreign Ministry press service informed on August 27.

“The modern world is objectively multipolar. It is impossible to ignore this geopolitical reality,” the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

He underlined that classical diplomacy requires equal rules for all, the need for compromise and balance of interests. Unilateral imposition of solutions relying on force leads to negative results. As an example he cited the aggression of Western countries against Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Libya. In his view, history shows that the desire to solve one’s problems at the expense of others does not give long-term sustainable results.

The principle of equality of states and the rules of international communication are stipulated by the UN Charter. Russia defends the need to respect the cultural and civilizational diversity of peoples, as well as the right of peoples to determine their own destiny.

The neocolonial “rule-based order” imposed by the “collective West” led by the US is rejected by Russia, which pursues an independent foreign policy course.

“The ‘order’ implies a racist division of the world into a group of states that a priori have an indulgence for any action, and the rest of the countries,” Lavrov said.

He concluded by asking young diplomats to contribute to the overall work of maintaining an atmosphere of trust and understanding in the international arena.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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