Kurginyan: The West sentenced Russia to liquidation

16.06.2022, Moscow.

The collective West will seek to completely destroy Russia and eliminate the Russian people, political scientist Sergey Kurginyan writes in his article Obligation in the Essence of Time newspaper.

“This is not a matter of whether Putin is good or bad. Or to what extent the contemporary Russian state is perfect. The matter, my reader, is that the West has sentenced the state you and I live in to liquidation.

And also that this liquidation cannot avoid being a massacre and a catastrophe, and thus it cannot avoid turning into the extermination of the Russian people as the major keeper of both the previous and the current Russian statehood.”

Kurginyan notes that the Western countries have prepared such cataclysms for Russia that would “permanently exterminate the nation-forming people” in order to prevent any chance for restoring the statehood.

According to the political scientist, the excuse for the US and its allies’ unprecedented pressure on Russia, the “annexation” of part of the territory of an adjacent state, is formally equivalent to the situation around Kashmir and the India-Pakistan conflict.

Indeed, there is much in common, Kurginyan notes, up to the proportions of the populations and military capabilities of the two neighbor countries as well as the threat of using nuclear weapons in the conflict.

“There is quite a profound resemblance ― except one thing. The more powerful India is not declared the enemy of progressive humanity for its confrontation with the less powerful Pakistan. No one compares Pakistan with Prometheus tortured by the ominous imperial hawk. Unlikepoor Ukraine…’

Therefore, the West’s reluctance to draw at least this parallel immediately reveals as an indisputable fact that the West has sentenced Russia. That it does not consider the Russian Federation to be a state having the right to an adequately long and relatively stable life.

That to the West, this Russian Federation is just an incompletely disintegrated Soviet Union, which must be disintegrated completely for the sake of the so-called ‘progressive humanity…’”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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