Ukraine as a country is non-existent without Soviet and Russian values, Kurginyan explains

12.05.2022, Moscow.

The destruction of the Soviet and Russian values in Ukraine and the enforcement of the Banderite ideology replaced a country with its own history and culture with a militarized machine tailored for attacking Russia, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on May 9 on a victory Day rally, a video of which is available on the movement’s YouTube channel.

Speaking at the Victory Day rally, political scientist Sergey Kurginyan noted that Ukraine’s rejection of the Soviet and Russian values and the glorification of Bandera and the Banderite ideology transformed Ukraine, instead of its historical development, into a Nazi monster militarized for attacking Russia.

“Ukraine cannot live with any values apart from the Soviet Union and Russia. It is simply non-existent as a historical country beyond these values. So, these values have been revoked and destroyed, and they were replaced with Bandera’s values, which are worse than those of Hitler,” the political scientist indicated.

Kurginyan explained that, for the sake of peace with Ukrainians, the atrocities committed by the Bandera Nazis and their disgusting ideology were not especially revealed and discussed in Russia. Besides, Banderite ideology does not recognize even the Ukrainian people as pure and good, perceiving most of the population as “non-conscious” and Moskalized, the philosopher stressed.

“All these years, appreciating friendship with the Ukrainian people, we never discussed thoroughly what Bandera Nazism is, we never demonstrated the atrocities and villainy that they were bringing to their people, whom they called ‘non-conscious’, Moskalied, etc.,” the political scientist explained.

“As they [the Bandera Nazis] have always said, they can only build their Banderite inferno on the ruins of Moscow, and they call it true Ukraine,” Kurginyan concluded.

According to Kurginyan, Russia could not keep waiting for the militarized machine in the form of Banderite Ukraine to attack it, and it stood up against it.

“Our guys, who were not expected to fight the way their ancestors did, are fighting exactly this way. We are now together with them. Our friends are fighting there now, we are here, and we perfectly understand our unity with all those who shed their blood as their ancestors did,” the philosopher concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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