Ukrainian Nazis blow up the Mariupol Drama Theater

16.03.2022, Moscow.

Ukrainian nationalists blew up the Mariupol Drama Theater building where they had placed mines, the Russian Defense Ministry informed on March 16.

The Russian Defense Ministry refuted accusations by the Kiev regime that it was the Russian army that carried out the air strike on the theater building, saying that the Russian Armed Forces had never considered the Mariupol Drama Theater building as a target.

“On the day of March 16, Russian aviation did not carry out any tasks related to strikes on ground targets in the city limits of Mariupol,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

It was previously reported that Ukrainian nationalists from the Azov regiment (organization banned in the Russian Federation) are holding civilians hostage in the theater building and are preparing a bloody provocation to then blame the Russian army for the deaths of civilians.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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