Expert: Britain deliberately escalates the conflict with Russia in Ukraine

18.11.2021, Kiev.

Political analyst and expert of the Ukrainian Institute of Politics Daniil Bogatyryov wrote on his Facebook page that the statement about the transfer of 600 soldiers from the UK was a provocation for Russia to take active steps.

The expert believes that the US statement about the movement of Russian troops near the borders of Ukraine is related to the statement about the transfer of 600 British soldiers to Ukraine and the beginning of hostilities on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

“When thinking about the mentioned-above news, I involuntarily come to the conclusion that the Anglo-Saxons (at least – the British, who actively cooperate with Turkey) are persistently provoking Russia to get involved in a new (or forgotten old, but in new configurations) local armed conflict on the territory of the former Soviet Union,” said Bogatyryov.

At the same time, the political scientist specified that the question of the motives of these actions remains open.

The Ukrainian armed forces constantly continue to shell Donbass and violate the ceasefire. On November 17, the Lugansk People’s Republic reported that the Ukrainian military captured a soldier of the People’s Militia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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