Is a coup ahead? Where is vaccination taking us?


There is nothing worse than people acting decisively, who hide their deep human confusion behind this decisiveness.


During the summer months I spend practically all my time at the Aleksandrovskoye Commune, unless there’s some kind of emergency. I already give more than half of my energy and time to this commune, to working with it in all kinds of ways. And before turning to the main topic, I would like to briefly explain about why this is so, and what follows from this circumstance, including my view of what is happening. This is not a lyrical digression; it is substantive. Then we will move to COVID, the vaccination, and everything associated.

I experienced the infamous referendum of 1993 very acutely, the so-called “Yes-Yes-No-Yes” referendum, in which a significant part of Russian society, and not just the elite, voted for Yeltsin and supported his criminal reforms, knowing full well that they had already been robbed, humiliated, trampled upon, and the country had been dismembered.

From that moment, it became difficult for me just to talk about how we have a disgusting elite, which imposed some monstrous changes on the wonderful people. It became clear that the situation is very bad on all fronts, with processes unfolding in broad social groups, among the people, the population. It was certainly happening to different party factions, and to the elite first and foremost. That this is a glaring disaster – profound, terrible, to which the word “damnation” would not be an overstatement.

I realized in 1993 that I was going to live in a hideous country with a very dysfunctional population, a monstrous elite, and strange political parties that would babble on about how they were expressing the interests of the people. I realized that all of this would be monstrously bad, and I would have to live in this monstrously bad environment, because I cannot live without Russia, and Russia is what it is. And I realized even more. That I have to defend it, because as soon as it collapses – and it was very easy to collapse the state, as it is easy to do now – occupation forces would then appear on our land, American helicopters will fly overhead, and it would all be fatal. So we have to live inside this monstrous disaster; it’s our fatal necessity. We will have to love it, defend it, somehow exist in it, and I can only exist on the whole without infringing upon my human dignity and my idea of values in any way.

This understanding of mine has imprinted itself on everything that has happened and is still happening. And when some very pompous groups start screaming about how disgusting life in Russia is, I can only reply that it’s even more disgusting than how they’re screaming. I’ve known that for a long time, but if there’s one thing that surprises me and gives me hope, it’s that it’s not as disgusting as it could have been. Everything that’s going on with COVID right now is a ghastly abomination. But it is not as bad as the abomination that is happening elsewhere, both in the East and in the West. The way our elites behave is an abomination. But it could be even more disgusting, because somehow they snap back, and somehow the country still exists, and even incorporates something into itself. Though it had seemed completely impossible.

This does not at all mean that we should praise what we have. I have long called it the “stabilization of criminal capitalism.” This capitalism could not help but be criminal, I have explained this many times. And it became criminal. What happened in the 2000s and 2010s, etc., is a stabilization of this substance, not a change in its quality. No one is changing its quality; they’re stabilizing it, they’re trying to manage it, to normalize it.

One cannot completely normalize, stabilize, and ennoble it. It is what it is. It is possible to restrain its destructive urges to a certain extent. It is possible to soften them, so we are falling down not at the fastest possible rate, but much slower. And the processes are unfolding in a much more complex way than would be expected. But they are still inherently repulsive.

And those who shout, “How can you not see this! – (and therefore, not react accordingly), apparently do not understand that this reaction assumes the presence of some intact groups and masses in society, some large number of those on whom to lean on in this struggle. If this is not the case, then the situation is reminiscent of Rome’s decline. In that environment, trying to organize class struggle – I don’t know, of slaves and coloni – is of little use.

The situation in which we live now has just as little to do with class struggle. Society is in deep regress and apathy. It is amorphous, it is just as damaged as the elites and parties – “the people and the party are one.” It is filled with all those social, psychological, and metaphysical viruses that came out of 1993. And do not tell me that it was once a long time ago, that we were not born then, and we are not responsible for anything. Historically, we are responsible for everything. And I am all the more so, because not only did I live in that era, but I was also in the thick of the struggle.

Thus, I cannot be indignant about the fact that of the things happening here are bad. Because if anything can amaze me, it’s that it’s not completely bad, not as bad as it could be.

As for how to correct this kind of situation, Ancient Rome corrected it by adopting Christianity. There were catacomb groups – parallel groups, living a different life, a much better life, more moral, and firm in its foundations. Constantine wanted them, for one reason or another. Then Rome itself stayed afloat for a while, and Byzantium was created, the Eastern Roman Empire. It held on like that for a millennium, and Russia became its heir. The Western Rome later recreated the Holy Roman Empire and somehow gathered these baronies – groups that were monstrous and dark – into something brighter and more meaningful than what medieval and bourgeois Europe had been.

This is where my priorities stem from: both my presence at Aleksandrovskoye and the distribution of my time and energy between various activities. People approached me, bearing the imprint of all the damage of the era. They said that they wanted to get out of it, that they could represent some kind of molecule in that pivotal contingent that could really change the direction of the historical process.

They show amazing selflessness and overall commitment and resilience – it’s all not without problems, so that’s what I’m focused on. Whether it’s hopeless or not, I can’t sit idly by. I have to fight the way I see fit; I have to defend what I believe in.

I firmly know that it is impossible to indulge in the illusion that a dysfunctional society with extremely dysfunctional parties will bring about some kind of perturbation in which the present dysfunction will turn into heaven on earth or into something prosperous. Come to your senses, look at these faces! All at once: both those in power and those in opposition.

Being in Aleksandrovskoye, I not only deal with the problems of people who, as I believe, may form a certain molecule of a future historically capable substance. See how carefully I say this? They may – form a molecule. But this is an action.

I am also dealing with all these issues around COVID in several aspects and trying to find real points of meaning in the main question that worries me: who was it who so recklessly purged very different scientific directions in the Soviet Union, which could have pulled the Soviet Union out of the so-called stagnation that it found itself in? Who was this “hero”?

The academician Aleksey Dmitrievich Speransky

How did it happen that the prospective directions in Soviet electronics ended up purged? How did everything having to do with real economic planning and non-linear optimization, without which a planned economy cannot function, wind up purged? How was the real grand Soviet psychology or Soviet philosophy (those like Ilyenkov) purged, including Soviet Marxism? Finally, how could our pedagogy and medicine be purged? Why have we suddenly found ourselves in a dark forest of uniformity in medicine, which used to not be like this? Where are the heirs of Ukhtomsky; where are the heirs of the academician Speransky? Where are the heirs of our many other medical visionaries, who had worked on directions that were alternatives to the one that has prevailed? Where are they? Where have they gone?

I’m painstakingly trying to figure this out. I’m not a medical professional; essentially, I have to acquire a new profession, all while trying to understand what happened to this virus, which people had long been saying was of natural origin, but now they are firmly calling it artificial? How can it be that they switched from one to another, without identifying who is to blame, nor offering explanations for what happened? And so on.

And in the midst of this whole affair, the story with the vaccines emerges, which worries me with its excessive heatedness, its exaltation, its inner stubbornness, and hostility towards the opponent’s position. No good will come of this. Regardless of who is right or wrong, when society enters this kind of state, all of the fatal medical processes that I intend to discuss, are nothing compared to the fatal social and political processes.

Putin and Biden’s meeting yielded next to nothing. It seems that the situation has even worsened, since it has become more and more apparent even from behind the scenes that Biden tried to push something through, but he failed. That means the pressure on Russia will increase.

The incident with our justified military actions against the British destroyer is just the beginning for this kind of escalation. The adversary cannot help but take advantage of our social fragmentation and all the sensationalism that has been drummed up around the topic of COVID.

So, on the one hand, this topic itself appears extremely dangerous, being taken as a thing in and for itself. On the other hand, this topic does not exist as something isolated, it begins to govern the public mindset and many other things. How should one behave in this situation? What should one think about all of this? I’m not trying to teach others, I’m trying to find a way for myself and share what I’ve found.

My life has been such that I have spent most of it as the head of various kinds of organizations: a theater, a think tank, etc. I have never led an organization in which my authority was not the highest, I just don’t know how to do without it! I believe that one can effectively lead only if he possesses the highest authority. So far, some of my close friends and associates have been vaccinated and some have not. I have not influenced them in any way. That is, I believed and believe that it is the right of each person to manage his health as he sees fit.

Some of my very smart and valued associates, including those closest to me, have been vaccinated. Some of them, thank God, haven’t gotten sick yet, but some of them have. And maybe they will get revaccinated again later, I don’t know, but I won’t push it! I will not influence this, first of all, because I believe that the health of each of these people is his business, it’s his personal right to choose! And secondly, because I don’t really know anything about these vaccines. I’ve learned about a thousand times more about them than a qualified user needs to know, but that doesn’t mean I’ve learned anything about them. So how can I start imputing something as a leader to people without knowing exactly what it is I’m imputing to them? What if I’m doing harm?

I think that such a position applies not only to me as a leader. It should also apply to the mayor of Moscow, to the President of Russia, and to our governors. Shouldn’t it? Haven’t the President of Russia and many other officials also voiced it publicly?

After all, we don’t know anything. The physician’s commandment is “do no harm.” We don’t know – you can see that we don’t know – what it is. How is it possible, not knowing what it is, to be so fanatical and so zealous? Where did it come from? What does it mean? What is this mysterious convulsion encompassing the entire world? What is its cause? What is its root?

I would like, before giving my interpretation of the behavior of our various power elites, to acquaint you with a certain text, which was written by someone rather ordinary. This text was published in the Vzglyad newspaper on June 22nd. But it seems to me that this ordinary person, a certain Sergey Khudiev, voices in a most flagrant and lucid way the ideology, which has captured the minds of people like a psychological or sociocultural virus. Let us carefully read these statements in order to understand: what are they doing?

I quote: “The commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’ requires vaccination.

Do you get it? In fact, you are violating the commandments of Christ if you don’t get vaccinated. It’s in the headline! How do you like that?

“The rise in the incidence of COVID-19,” I read, “(in a situation where a vaccine has been available for the past six months) has caused, on the one hand, attempts by the authorities to still somehow encourage people to get vaccinated (retailers had strict medical requirements even before COVID, if anyone did not know), and on the other, an explosion of anti-vaccination panic on social media…”

Look at how the manipulation is constructed from the beginning: on the one side are the noble attempts of the authorities to somehow encourage people to get vaccinated, and on the other side is the explosion of anti-vaccination panic on social networks. On one side are the noble authorities, who encourage people to act reasonably, and on the other side are the dark, anti-vaccination forces on social media.

“This, of course, is not a cholera riot or a Black Death pogrom, but it is unfortunate enough that it results in deaths that could have been prevented.”

In other words, the oracle uttering this truth not only speaks directly to Christ and knows exactly who is being killed and who is not… but maybe vaccines are causing deaths – what about the commandment then? Not only does he deny the capacity to reason to huge groups of people who are for some reason alienated from something… (they are illiterate, wild, deranged – right?). But he also talks about how this kind of behavior leads to death.

Does alternative behavior not lead to them? Didn’t the whole COVID hysteria lead to them? In Israel, the Ministry of Health has reported that myocardial disease rates have skyrocketed after vaccines were introduced. Does this oracle at the Vzglyad newspaper know this or not? “The reasons why one should (and I was vaccinated a long time ago) are clear enough. As an Orthodox Christian I know that the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’ requires neither directly nor indirectly, neither by action nor inaction, to infringe upon the life and health of a human being, either one’s neighbor or oneself.”

Whoa! You can’t drink, you can’t smoke… What about eating meat, isn’t it bad for you? What about psychological factors?

A wise patriotic politician of the “United Russia” persuasion said many years ago, “Ban Kurginyan from speaking! My grandmother takes medication after hearing him.

So tomorrow they will tell you that you are infringing on your own or someone else’s health, for example, by being too gloomy. Or by being too assertive, which is a psychological attack. Then they’ll start making “psychologically stablity” certificates. And you have to show a QR code that says you’re “psychologically stable.” Otherwise, you are not allowed to enter public places – what if your gloominess affects people? You will spread a psychological contagion, and the psychological contagion will generate a psychosomatic reaction, and the psychosomatic will generate physiological consequences, people will fall ill. What then?

Do you have any idea how far you can go with this logic? And what would the author of the Christian doctrine say to that? He recommended many things that were clearly detrimental to the health of those to whom he recommended them… To say nothing of the torments of the cross…

To neglect the medical measures that are designed to stop a deadly infection is to commit what the law calls ‘involuntary manslaughter’.

Are you convinced of the effectiveness of these medical measures? How do you know they are effective? Or do you think they are effective, while others do not. Other people are not idiots. If they knew that a deadly disease is rampant around them and that these measures would result in them themselves not dying and saving their loved ones, they would apply them quickly! They are not insane, and they are not idiots. They are smarter than you, you great Christian. Meanwhile, you are already moving from some Christian commandments to the penal code. Then from the penal code to the firing squads?

“Even if you yourself get through COVID easily, you become part of the chain by which the virus reaches other people. Then those people die.”

 Can you imagine all these chains? I eat a persimmon and the teeth of a tinker in Tibet are put on edge… Do you know what these chains are? I’ll explain the simplest one. You ate some fatty lamb, you ended up with a damaged liver, that led to all kinds of infectious diseases. You these transmitted infectious diseases, and infectious diseases kill people. Should you be shot for eating fatty meat? Or drinking vodka?

Or you went hiking in the mountains for some reason. You caught pneumonia, and then you got some kind of tuberculosis, and then my mother got tuberculosis. How dare you go to the mountains?!

Take that logic to its logical conclusion! This gentleman in particular did not invent this, he is not crazy, he is a mouthpiece for certain groups.


“Of course, unlike other cases where disregard for safety has resulted in deaths, it is impossible to trace the specific perpetrators.”

It is impossible to trace until the proper mathematical tools are applied. It’s all traceable! Did you eat the lamb, you bastard? Did you stuff your mouth with it? Keep an eye on him: he developed some liver issues, which led to illness! He did harm!

You know the old adage that it’s not healthy to live at all, right?

“If a restaurant owner refuses in principle to obey sanitary requirements and people were poisoned, he is easy to find. Just like the owner of a cafe, where neglecting safety standards led to a fire breaking out and people suffocating in the smoke. To show a person who refused to vaccinate his specific victims is possible only in rare cases. But we know that every person who died of COVID must have contracted the disease from someone else. And that vaccination very substantially reduces the likelihood of such an outcome.”

Says who?! Who says it reduces the likelihood of such an outcome, that it does not produce other outcomes. Thou wise sage, why don’t you read the data from the Israeli Ministry of Health? Read all of the Western medical analysis. They already show us that the vaccinated in certain groups die more often than the unvaccinated!

“And that the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill,’ which requires the observance of health and fire safety rules, in this case requires vaccination.”

I’ll say it again: people are not idiots. Dear regional and national leaders, you are not ruling cattle or brainless idiots, but citizens, a significant portion of whom are smarter than you, and who are very much concerned about their and their children’s health. It’s one of their highest priorities, and if they don’t vaccinate, it’s not because they want to harm their health, but because they have their own opinion about it. And until that opinion changes, you’re not doing a damn thing to them. You’re only causing more political trouble for yourself and for all of us.

Such “wise sages”, whom you compel to write such opuses, will have the exact opposite effect. They already do. I live in the deep provinces now, and I know what they think about a) their health and b) vaccination.

Come to your senses!

“Another consideration relates to social solidarity. Of we the people to each other. Can I spend half an hour making sure someone’s grandfather, or mother, or husband doesn’t die?”

Do you realize how, I beg your pardon, vomit-inducing such a text is? Do you realize that even in the most salacious and expressive kind of PR, one must know his limits?

“Can I spend half an hour making sure someone’s grandfather or mother or husband doesn’t die?”

“You jackass, can’t you spend half an hour? You lazy bastard!”

This is not a lazy bastard, this is a person who has a different idea of what is good than you do! And you should respect this good and this person’s idea of it! And you’re talking to adults, not gullible idiots!

“In my social media feeds, I am constantly reading about people who are struggling painfully with the disease, about families burying their loved ones…”

My condolences to everyone. And what? I also read about people who died or got sick after being vaccinated!

“…and you can easily do your part to make that number less.”

And make another number bigger?

“Our heroic health care workers…”

This is such over-sweetened treacle, such a mixture of honey with crap and poison, which now directly explains what is happening in our fatherland!

“…are working under harsh conditions…”

Is anyone denying that they are working under harsh conditions?

“In a situation where humanity in general and my country in particular is fighting the virus, why not stand on the side of the people instead of the virus?”

Got it? Now he has to add something more.

“What can you put on the other side of the scale?”

Look how objective he is!

“I tried to ask people who are against vaccination about it. Their objection boils down to the fact that they do not believe in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. Vaccines, in their view, not only don’t save lives, but also cause harm to health – causing (according to various versions) cancer, infertility, some terrible mutations. Well, let’s consider that possibility.”

What a manipulator!

“If the vaccine is useless, then we are, at a minimum, dealing with massive fraud – the state (and not only ours, but other countries around the world, too) is spending budgetary funds on an empty pacifier. If it is also actively harmful, then we are dealing with a serious crime against human health and life – and a crime of unheard of, global proportions. Offering people snake oil under the guise of an effective vaccine, or even more so, poison, is a crime; those who commit it should be in prison.

Meanwhile, doctors both in Russia and around the world are proposing vaccination as an effective and safe means against COVID – and are carrying it out in their countries. China, for example, recently reported that it has already vaccinated a billion people.”

So, the authority of the doctors tells you idiots that “this medicine is useful,” quite lifesaving, and all that stuff. And who tells you otherwise? Anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorists! And who are they? They’re glory-hungry, illiterate idiots, aren’t they? Is that the balance of powers, o wise sage? Is that how the forces are arranged?

But I see a different arrangement. I see people with the highest titles – Nobel laureates and major specialists. I read letters from groups of people with great medical accomplishments, who deal specifically with immunology, vaccination and related fields, who say that these vaccines are harmful.

Are you telling us about the state? Didn’t the same state say in 2013 that only crazy people would vaccinate at the height of an epidemic? Has this state changed since 2013?

Now these doctors. They have to be trusted. And what is there to be trusted about them? Should we trust Dr. Alexander, who said that only criminals could believe that COVID was artificially created – or should we trust Dr. Alexander, who wrote in a secret letter to Dr. Fauci that he was totally unconvinced about what he was stating publicly? And now that letter has been found and published.

Should we trust the Fauci who said that only idiots would think it was an artificial virus, or the Fauci who admitted that it could be artificial? Whom should we trust?

The same physicians, the same scientists have said exactly opposite things during the last two years. When were they lying? Either in this case or in the other. But in whichever case they were lying, they are liars. Which means they’re crooks. Which means they are criminals. Where am I wrong?

Incidentally, the other side has very authoritative experts in its ranks, not some COVID speculators who want to become famous. Right? Shall I give you their names?

Next comes an even more important question. Whom should we believe? Should we believe the mainstream, which pushes its position and promises cars that it’s raffling off or some other goodies to people who know that the only free cheese exists is in a mousetrap? Or should we believe those who go against the mainstream?

You always believe those who go against the mainstream. Because, as the song says, “Wherever you look, you see nothing of profit.”

What’s in it for the renowned French virologist who was locked up in an insane asylum?

What is the benefit for Nobel Prize winners who have been marginalized and dragged through the mud, who said, “Don’t do it”? What’s in it for them? To be dragged through the mud?


Luc Montagnier


What is in it for the directors of private medical clinics? Are they so eager to have the Ministry of Health at their throats? They say, “We shouldn’t do that.” What’s the benefit? Fame?

The benefits are clear for those who go to the mainstream. I don’t mean to say that everyone who says we should get vaccinated has been bought by big pharma, by the states that carry out this order, or by secret conspiracy groups. I’ll explain later what I think about this. But I am well aware that among those who talk about the benefits of vaccines, there are people who are singing along to the official position, just as they have been singing along to the position that this virus is natural.

Didn’t the Prosecutor General’s Office [of Russia] say that it would prosecute those who believe this virus is artificial?

And what will the Prosecutor General’s Office say now? Is it going to charge the Speaker of the State Duma? I don’t see the Prosecutor General filing the necessary indictment against him. And why don’t I see that, Mr. Prosecutor General? Because you changed your position? Why did you change your position?

Why didn’t any of those who changed their position at least explain that they were wrong? Is this the way to talk to the public? If you stated one position, then stated something diametrically opposite?! On your own! If Facebook was first to censor (it was said that censorship was a Soviet horror) – everything related to the virus being artificial was censored, banned. If all the scientific articles were supposed to come out with the verdict that other articles were by lunatics, and now it’s the other way around, then when were these people right? Then or now? When did they talk falsely to go with the flow, then or now? But they talked falsely at some point! Or have they come up with staggering new information? What is it?

Now let’s think further. If in fact it is so, and this gentleman (whom I am already tired of reading, I do not want to dirty my hands) keeps saying that all those who are against, benefit for themselves in the form of fame or some of that nature (the great fame of going to the insane asylum for a prominent scientist just because he is telling the truth! – the worst nonsense about Andropov’s asylums and Soviet repressions is being realized on a global scale) – then what is this?

The worst thing about this COVID story is that the entire scientific mainstream has smeared itself in the eyes of society and humanity, which are not as illiterate as the mainstream seems to thinks!

If you can no longer trust it, who should you trust? That is the most difficult question.

Now, then, let’s assume that this is all a biological weapon. Many people have already said so. Now everyone is competing over who to point the finger at: some will point the finger at Fort Detrick, and some will point the finger at the Wuhan Center. Incidentally, the Wuhan Center was permeated by the Americans, and it was working on US grants. So, if these biological weapons are being developed according to the so-called gain of function model, with taking viruses and splicing something into them so that they become more dangerous, then the next step is for some work on how to make sure that this does not happen, while others work on further strengthening it (one group is called peaceful researchers, while the others are called military, that’s it! ) – if all this exists, who told you that the people who built all these furin cleavage sites, etc. (which people are now finally starting to discuss, and which I was talking about a year ago, while everyone was gawking and saying that my tone was bad) that they didn’t program the possibility of gain function in the setting of vaccines?

One thing is the usual enhancement of the disease in the context of vaccination. This is called antibody-dependent enhancement of disease (ADE).

But built-in enhancement of disease is a different story. You make a chimera and you know it’s going to be suppressed, knowing roughly how the virus works. You challenge your adversaries – or accomplices, that’s up to who to anyone to judge – to do it, and virus enhancement occurs. That is, you use this gain of function, antigenic gain of infection, in your program of building biological weapons. You already know what will be injected, approximately or exactly, and you want that injection to enhance the disease.

Then, and I’m not insisting on anything here, the question becomes, “Is it an Indian strain? Or is it a reaction of an artificially created virus to a vaccine?”

If it is an artificially created virus reacting to a vaccine, then what is repressive vaccination? It is a repressive gain of function, which would lead to an intensification of vaccination. That would produce an even greater gain of function, and it would produce an even greater intensification of vaccination.

Let this be my hypothetical model. What makes it incorrect in the situation when for two years people weren’t allowed to say that it was a biological weapon, but now it has been said? Is it a conspiracy theory? And the hushing up of everything: the true extent of the threat…it’s been hyped up a hundredfold. COVID-19 is a very dangerous disease, but its monstrosity has been inflated a hundredfold. Was it inflated on purpose? Was it an order from the relevant ministries and departments that these free scientists, who took the Hippocratic Oath, followed? Or maybe they didn’t take that oath? Can they be trusted after that?

They said it was all a natural virus. Now all these same people are saying – Fauci has said it, everyone is saying it – that it’s probably artificial. Can we believe them after that? And if you can’t believe them, how are people supposed to inform their own decision making? This is a serious question!

This Khudiev, what is he saying? That he knows what is good for us. He knows it for some reason. Why does he know this? Because the lying, rotten medical mainstream community knows it. He acts as its mouthpiece, while it already says God only knows what. First of all, what is this revaccination? It’s already an admission that the measures recommended by this medical community proved to be wrong – “a mistake has been made.” Is this supposed to be funny?

What if this second revaccination doesn’t work either, it will be said that there is another new strain, and then yet another new strain? What happens next? You said new strains wouldn’t rapidly arise, the virus wouldn’t change, and that’s the basis for vaccination, but the virus is unstable. What kind of nonsense is that? Will people now have to get vaccinated every three months, every two months, every week?

So what is it about? Is it about the noble goal of protecting people’s health? Or are we talking about some actions that, under the guise of this noble protection, bring out a certain reorganization of the world, of our ideas and values? After all, to call this nonsense “a Christian’s creed” is only possible if one has lost his mind.

Let me emphasize again: I am not claiming that the virus and the vaccine are built on the principle of an evolving spiral, a so-called positive feedback loop: vaccine – virus – stronger vaccine – stronger virus, and so on… I am not claiming that. But I don’t consider this eccentric hypothesis totally implausible, because there are too many strange things, and when there are too many strange things in the world, strange hypotheses, paradoxical ones, become plausible.

The danger of this COVID-19, which – once again – is a very dangerous disease, has been inflated to strange proportions. So how can I tell my closest friend, “Don’t get vaccinated!” Who am I? Am I that crazy Christian? That pseudo-Christian, of course, since most Christian organizations, as we know, hold a very different position.


Alexander Gintsburg


Now the next question: you talk about the value of security. In principle, getting people to support something aimed at security is quite easy. But such resistance is present here! Do you have any idea what it is? Have you stopped talking about the value of freedom? Isn’t it present in Christianity?

Freedom of choice is limited by another person, right? To what degree is it limited? Can’t one lift a finger? One can’t even lift a finger if you make these restrictions absolute, do you understand that?

Now, what is happening to freedom? Everyone tells you that you have violated this, that, or the other, but you remain silent. What is happening to the seat of power? Have we made public health doctors the bearers of power? We didn’t elect them; we didn’t give them emergency powers. Do we have regional leaders becoming the bearers of power? Don’t you understand that this leads to confederalization?

Russia does not like overly flexible and sophisticated schemes, it likes simplicity. If you say that vaccination is a person’s free choice, then it is one’s free choice. But if now still say this, but you start taking away this freedom of choose from different groups in different places – it is worse than if had you said that this vaccine is mandatory. Don’t you understand this psychological truth?

Are you prepared go after everyone like this all the time? Will you strictly enforce these prohibitions all the time? Haven’t you seen these elite boozers, where everyone was partying without masks? Did you press charges against any of them? Haven’t you seen those massive high-school graduation celebrations? Is that in compliance with your prescriptions? Or are you going to abide by them when you feel like it, and cancel them when you want to? But that would bring a big disaster upon you and the country!

Next. You want to use essentially repressive methods with a certain apparatus. You know the traits of that apparatus. You understand that you cannot change these characteristics. So the apparatus will apply, in its own way, what you impute to it. And the media will inflate it. There will be special set-ups, where the apparatus will be paid to be rude, just so that Navalny or someone else can publish the resulting half-fake stories. There will be fake news, too. But people don’t tolerate violence, especially on an issue like this.

So, before I show you what is sometimes called a fake report, I will premise it with a certain note.

Alexander Muzhensky is the son of the victim who suffered from the hands of officers of the Khoroshevsky police department.

A still from the video of the detention of the woman at the MFC
Ivan-Tschai Telegram channel

This is my mother, she is 52 years old, a mother of four children, I am 32, my brother is 28, my sister is 14, my younger brother is 8. She became sick from the heat at the MFC [multifunctional center, a place where various government services are provided – translator’s note]. She took off her mask while she was waiting for her number, and MFC employees came and threatened to call the police if she wouldn’t put the mask on immediately, which they did. When the police arrived, my mother was wearing a mask and was getting her social security card. They came up without introducing themselves, and started demanding ID and for her to come with them. Mom just ignored them, then one of them decided to shove his badge in my mom’s face for a second, formally introducing himself, and when mom asked to read his last name, as she had no time to read it, he refused. They grabbed her by the elbows and trying dragging her out of the MFC by force. They did not respond to her demand to explain the grounds for her detention. When mom started pulling her arms away and resisting, they started handcuffing her, which is when the video starts. My younger sister and brother were sitting in the car waiting for mom. If kind people hadn’t called my sister over, maybe she wouldn’t have managed to react so quickly and stop the outrage. After an hour of detention, the police officers realized they had overreacted and started backpedaling. They even stopped calling my mother crazy and stopped threatening her with fifteen days in jail for resisting the police. And when they found out that my father was a JAG colonel with twenty-five years’ service in the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office, though retired, they started calling me “sir” and fawning before me. But unequivocally, this is an abuse of power on the part of the officer, and therefore grounds for a criminal case. We will also press charges against his partner and file a complaint against the MFC employees, who, instead of offering help or calling an ambulance when my mother complained that she felt ill, called a police squad.

This is one case. How many do you think there will be in the pre-election period? There will be enough of them here to create all sorts of consequences. So, the explicit application of double standards to different groups and situations, rude coercion that turns into criminal violence, the inexplicability of these harsh reactions, etc., will lead to not only a psychological but also a social-psychological effect. This will turn into a political effect. Whether it will be bigger or smaller is a separate question, but it will definitely turn into something like this. And then tell me, please, how is it possible in this strange world, behind this looking-glass, in this concentrated madness, to maintain political stability? Moreover, when the enemy wants to destabilize the situation.

It is unclear what you will achieve from a medical point of view with your questionable activities, but what you will achieve from a political point of view – it is clear. How then am I supposed to completely ignore the hypothesis, which is currently foreign to me, that this is all motivated by the desire to destabilize the situation and bring about a coup? I personally don’t think so, or I do not yet have enough evidence to make such an accusation, but it is an absolutely plausible hypothesis.

Do you not know what you’re doing? Do you not know what kind of a machine you have? Do you not know what violence is? Do you not know that action leads to an opposite reaction? Do you not know how people react to ambiguity: that on the one hand you’re free to do whatever you want, to vaccinate or not, but on the other hand, we’ll kick you out of work, we won’t let you get medical treatment, and we won’t let you go out to eat? Or go to the store, probably.

Do you not know how those groups in society react to this, who you, in your infinite wisdom, have equated with to cattle that you can lead wherever you want?

I don’t think – yet – that everyone involved is a conspirator. I do not consider people, including intellectuals, who express a position directly opposed to mine, to be biased, paid off, or acting under orders. I don’t think so, and I never will. Because I respect the right of other people to have a different position.

But let these other people behave in the same way, instead of starting to create blacklists or threatening to imprison people. Let these other people respect a different position.

Mutual respect and calm are the only thing that can prevent political destabilization, which is possible as early as this August. And I do not believe at all that there are no people who want such destabilization. It would just be bizarre for everyone to want only stability. And those who want destabilization will use every factor, including the COVID card. But what are you doing? Who are you playing along with and why?

There’s a Soviet-era joke in which they hang a banana from a pole and tell the monkey that it has to take the banana off the pole, and there’s a second pole next to it. Well, the most sophisticated creatures immediately take the second pole and knock the banana down. Others shake the pole. When they are told to think, they too take the second pole and knock the banana down. The most disorganized creature in this anti-Soviet anecdote is the secretary of the Soviet Communist Party, who shakes and shakes, and when they tell him to think, he replies, “Why think? You have to shake!”

Now, it’s not just that this is a joke with a corresponding anti-Soviet flavor… it incorrectly describes the relationship between the factor of the will and the factor of thought.

The administrator has to mobilize his will, he must administer. His dominant psychological factor is his will. When this will is directed toward something sensible, everything is great; when it is directed toward something bad, everything is bad, but it is always directed toward something. The administrator is not a philosopher, he has to shake! There is no second pole at his service. Our administrators are totally dependent on a scientific community that tells them exactly what is going on and then says, “and there is no remedy other than vaccines. If you want, do nothing, and all your COVID hospitals and all the other buildings will fill up with sick people, and then go build new ones. If you want, use vaccines. There’s no third way. No third way, that’s it.”

The administrator must be given a tool in his hands, which he must apply as recommended. His task is then to willfully implement it – that’s it! There is nothing worse than people acting decisively, who hide their deep human confusion behind this decisiveness. The disease is very serious, it gets exacerbated, there is no exact understanding of why. The mainstream medical community hides its intellectual impotence under the mask of vaccines as the only possible salvation, as a panacea, and then they pass it on to the administrators. The administrators need to shake! If you don’t take action, they tell you, “You’ve driven the population into an epidemic.” If you take action, they tell you, “Why the hell are you acting like that, this vaccine is bad!”

Completely dumbfounded, confused, not understanding anything, not knowing who to ask, not having any access to any autonomous intellectual interfaces (and in principle these interfaces do not exist), the administrator grabs at the opportunity to administer. He was given a vaccine in his hand, and he starts vaccinating. What, is he supposed to do what you’re suggesting to him, without any conspiracy theory?

And then everything is determined by his volitional potential: as soon as something happens, he pictures himself as a new Stalin or Beria – he sighs, reminiscing about Soviet times, when everyone did everything and everyone obeyed. And he begins to tighten some of screws. He will pay no attention to the costs, because “you can’t make an omelet without cracking some eggs,” nor to the political consequences, which are the  least obvious part of these costs, and which are nevertheless quite clear to anyone who wants to think about it, rather than just keep shaking. He will administer, he will save everyone – from irrationality, from nihilism, from promiscuity! “The foolish masses must be rescued and nurtured!” And then there is the international experience, “If everyone else is doing it, then why should we be any worse?!”, and international companies. There are no dividing lines between this international experience and all the scumbags abroad promoting this stuff, and our own scumbags. They’re all in it together, it’s quite clear.

So it doesn’t take a conspiracy theory or a desire to commit mutiny for an administrator to start administering. He just has to keep shaking.

As for his intellectual performance, there is a parable about a boy who kept winning in a game where a pebble was hidden in one of his clenched fists, and you had to guess which one. The boy is asked, “How do you guess?” He says, “Well, I think whether he’s smart or stupid…,” he says, “I make a face like his and try to imagine what my thoughts would be.”

You created what you created in 1993. These thoughts are not of the highest quality, at all. And it’s not about our bureaucracy or our mayors, governors, or higher-ups. Boris Johnson or this Biden fellow – look at it all. It’s a worldwide process. The smart people have stepped aside and are waiting for a global catastrophe, be it covid or otherwise. These people exist, but they are not in the foreground.

So, of course, someone understands that he is provoking a rebellion. And someone tries to zealously fulfills his administrative duties and is guided by the scientific community, which once lied to him, then lied a second time, then a third, and each time they will keep leading him in a circle.

What can I recommend here? Well, first of all, I should say that this is my blitz program, and I will examine in more detail what kind of biological weapons were created, by whom, how the idea of biological weapons was replaced by this notion that this virus is natural, and so on. I’ll get to the bottom of this.

Second, I’ll to get to the bottom of who purged certain medical fields: Speransky and many others, and why did one direction suddenly so prominent? And why is any alternative discussion, no matter how sophisticated, of fundamental physiological and medical is practically forbidden. I will certainly address this. Yes, this is not my profession, but I will rely on experts, and I will learn.

And the third thing I want to say to everyone: to the President of Russia, to the mayor of Moscow, to the prime minister – pay special attention to alternative highly scientific points of view. Don’t listen to those who are aggressively pushing the mainstream. Listen to those who dare, as a high-level scientist or high-level medical doctor, to express an alternative, punishable point of view. Listen to them, learn from them, talk to them, and take your time.

As for society, I firmly believe that until this best part of the medical and scientific community truly unites and becomes a highly authoritative civic body and speaks on behalf of this body, making itself heard, uniting with those who can convey their point of view to the general public, until this entity presents its point of view in a way that it can no longer be ignored, nothing in the world will change, not in the country either.

The question is how to split the medical and scientific castes. The question is how to unite those people who have a loud enough conscience not to go to a dead end. The question is what willpower this unification will demonstrate, how it will combine itself with civic reasonableness. And how all this will be heard, because the alternative is a revolt, a rebellion, the destruction of the state, the collapse of the existing system, which, no matter how repulsive it may be, is better than what is surrounds it, behind the scenes, and better than what it could be. And its next collapse will produce something indescribably repulsive. For the situation to be different, it is simply necessary to patiently cultivate something that is responsible and that atones for the sin of 1993, that has managed to overcome all that was imposed by the era that followed, that has managed to transform itself into a truly effective human community. Then the molecules of these transformations will create what will provide a new life first for Russia and then for humanity. Only for the sake of this is it worth living and working.


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This is the translation of the article (first published in the “Essence of Time” newspaper issue 436 on July 2, 2021) by Sergey Kurginyan.

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