Is a coup ahead? Where is vaccination taking us?

The question is how to split the medical and scientific castes. The question is how to unite those people who have a loud enough conscience not to go to a dead end. The question is what willpower this unification will demonstrate, how it will combine itself with civic reasonableness. And how all this will be heard, because the alternative is a revolt, a rebellion, the destruction of the state, the collapse of the existing system, which, no matter how repulsive it may be, is better than what is surrounds it, behind the scenes, and better than what it could be. And its next collapse will produce something indescribably repulsive. For the situation to be different, it is simply necessary to patiently cultivate something that is responsible and that atones for the sin of 1993, that has managed to overcome all that was imposed by the era that followed, that has managed to transform itself into a truly effective human community. Then the molecules of these transformations will create what will provide a new life first for Russia and then for humanity. Only for the sake of this is it worth living and working.

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