Ukrainian Ministry of Defense: USA to transfer three old patrol boats to Ukraine

31.05.2021, Kiev.

Ukraine will receive three Island-class patrol boats as part of bilateral cooperation with the United States, Ukrainian Defense Minister Andrey Taran said, as the ministry’s press service informed on May 31.

Taran said that the boats will be delivered to the country during 2021. They will be taken into service with the Ukrainian Naval Forces and will join the two boats already transferred, which were given Ukrainian names Starobelsk and Slavyansk.

“Restoring the combat capabilities of the domestic fleet, we are re-equipping it with weapons” which is in line with NATO principles and standards, the minister said, adding that all three boats will be equipped with ship and combat systems produced by the United States.

Taran said that the two boats, which would be named Sumy and Fastov, were restored in the American city of Baltimore. At the moment, weapons are being equipped with armaments. These boats are planned to be sent to Ukraine during the third quarter of 2021. Technical works on the third boat are also carried out, it will be delivered at the end of 2021, the Minister said.

Island-class boats, intended for search and rescue and patrol in coastal waters. Boats of this class were produced in the United States in 1985-1992. A total of about 50 boats were built, at least eight of which have already been scrapped.

Since 2014, the US has begun replacing Island-class boats with more modern models of military equipment, and transferring old boats to foreign partners. Besides Ukraine, these boats were transferred to Pakistan, Georgia and Costa Rica.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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