Kurginyan: Loneliness will be increased to break Man

14.10.2020, Moscow.

In the situation of the coronavirus pandemic it’s impossible to move by inertia, as this leads to destruction, political scientist, leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan stated in a new broadcast of “The Meaning of the Game” released on the movement’s YouTube channel on October 12.

He emphasized that when general inertia drags “into a wrong direction,” it is necessary to make efforts not to let “oneself to be dragged there.” The political scientist noted that even having felt the power of this inertial stream carrying a person as a peice of driftwood, it is necessary to resist this.

Sergey Kurginyan stresses that in order for inertia not to prevail, it is necessary to use one’s brain first and then awaken by refusing to behave automatically. At the same time, it is necessary to seriously face the tragic truth of the fact that “a man alone ain’t got no bloody chance,” he said.

“One does not struggle with such inertial streams alone. One fights them only together with others and by transforming oneself within this ‘together’,” the political scientist said. He also added that there is little chance for this and it is very difficult because people are too much atomized.

“The most terrible thing that has settled now in the minds, in the hearts, inside the strong-willed muscles of humanity is loneliness. It was already massive in previous years, and now it has become outrageous. And it will grow. All this e-learning, all these quarantines and other activities – all this is needed to increase loneliness and breakMan, who still clings to something because ‘a man alone ain’t got no bloody chance’,” Kurginyan explained.

He also noted that no matter how idiotic modern consumer behavior is – with its meaningless parties and so on – it shows a certain attempt of young people to break through loneliness.

The analyst explains that three things are required to overcome the current crisis generated by both the COVID-19 epidemic and the counterproductive struggle against it: mental exertion, exertion of willpower to overcome inertia, and communicative exertion, because it is impossible to stop negative processes on such a scale alone.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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