Political scientist praises Lukashenko's policy towards Russia

11.10.2020, Moscow.

Positioning of Lukashenko as a politician independent from Russia was absolutely right under current circumstances, a doctor of political sciences lecturer of Moscow State University Sergey Chernyakhovsky said to the Rossa Primavera News Agency correspondent on October 11.

Multidirectionality of Lukashenko and his partial alliance with the West was necessary to confirm the independence of Belorussia from Russia. Lukashenko explained to his electorate that “by voting for me you are not choosing the puppet of the Kremlin. You choose an independent politician,” Chernyakhovsky said.

The political scientist believes that Lukashenko’s actions in the pre-election period are absolutely justified, because it is not clear what is Russia about at the moment, “For many people, it is not clear what situation Russia is in: are we fighting aggression of the US and the West as a whole or are we negotiating with it?

Therefore, I believe that Lukashenko’s policy was absolutely right,” stressed Chernyakhovsky.

On August 9 the presidential elections were held in Belarus, where Alexander Lukashenko won. However, opposition candidates refused to recognize the election results and urged their supporters to get to the streets and demand re-election.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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