The Karabakh army destroys an Azerbaijani military airfield

04.10.2020, Stepanakert.

A military airfield in the Azerbaijani city of Ganja is destroyed, Press Secretary of the President of Artsakh Vagram Pogosyan wrote on October 4 on his Facebook page.

“A military airfield in Ganja took out. The first,” wrote Pogosyan.

In the same time, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reports that Ganja was shelled by the Armenian forces.

Earlier, the Armenian Defense Ministry accused Azerbaijan of using F-16 aircraft of the Turkish Air Forces against Karabakh and Armenia. It was reported that a F-16 shot down an Armenian Su-25 fighter jet, the pilot died.

According to the Armenian Defense Ministry, this F-16 was based at the airfield of Ganja as well as others. The Ministry also stated that Turkish military aircraft has been presented at the airfield since Azerbaijani-Turkish joint military exercises that took place at the end of summer.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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