Coronavirus – its goals, authors and, masters. Part V


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July 3, 2020.

Will someone say that mother nature went and urgently created all of this? For mother nature is never in a hurry. Her powerful trends are devoid of such a discontinuity, without which it is impossible to explain the appearance of COVID-19.

The United States of America, the degradation of which is being widely and convincingly discussed, still remains something like the Roman Empire “in decline”. In other words, it remains a global superpower, the “Emperor” of which periodically change, and the events surrounding this succession give all of humanity a headache, trying to guess who will be the “Emperor” next.

Biden’s fight against Trump is incredibly important, and this is obvious to everyone. Trump is a not your typical US President, and the United States elite doesn’t want him to get in its way for another four years. For this elite, it is as important, as never before, to remove Trump. Like in “Kill Bill”, it is a global task (meaning removing Trump,) it is the number one task. They’ll figure out the rest later. They have to get him, but this turned out to be far more difficult than they expected.

What makes Trump so resilient? He made American life a little more compatible with the requirements of a standard everyday American. And this standard everyday American, who fiercely hates his own elite, supported Trump against all odds, because he saw in him a person who is 100% not a protégé or puppet of this hated elite. Not only this, but they also saw a person who somehow wants to answer the simplest queries of this average American.

The key to Trump’s victory over any competitor is Trump improving living conditions for this everyday American, the advancement of the simplest and most obvious demands. Trump successfully provided for this improvement in conditions until the onset of COVID-19. This is a Paradise for Trump’s opponents, because they are not responsible for anything, and they can accuse Trump and the US Federal government as a whole of all the deadly sins; moreover, part of these charges are obviously completely fair. As Trump’s supporters point out, it was not he who brought the US health care system to such a deplorable state, but in response they are told, “So, what? He is responsible for everything else.”

But most importantly, the average American wants to have facts at his disposal favoring who he is going to vote for, and these facts are related to his current standard of living. When the standard of living comes down – so does the support.

And does anyone really think that the US elite will not do whatever it takes in order to defeat Trump? That any costs could stop it, since it is actually the question of power over the world? If someone does not believe, this then he does not understand the nature of the ruling class in the United States, their cold and absolute understanding that life is all about domination, and there is nothing to life but the domination of life itself.

On May 9, 2020, the Washington Post reports that President Trump has been worried about the possibility that a bad outbreak of the coronavirus this fall could damage his standing in the November election.

This authoritative newspaper refers to its sources among the US leader’s advisors. Some of these sources described the president as “glum and shell-shocked by his declining popularity.” In private conversations, according to the publication, Trump “has struggled to process” how his fortunes suddenly changed from believing he was on a clear path to reelection and now realizing that he is losing to the then likely Democratic nominee, Joe Biden. According to these presidential advisors, former Vice President Biden is ahead of Trump in virtually every poll, including his own campaign’s internal surveys.

The struggle for power over the new Rome, and therefore over global humanity, is an obvious circumstance that is closely related to the coronavirus.

Does this allow us to say that the coronavirus was created to ensure a certain result in this struggle? Of course not! Trump’s associates already claim this, but this is the wrong conclusion. This is a hypothesis, not a verdict. But we have no right to completely reject this hypothesis either.

Again and again, experts question the official version on the Wuhan origin of the coronavirus.

On May 10th, 2020, British epidemiologist John Wright, in his blog on the BBC Russian service, provides data, according to which a coronavirus “patient zero” in the UK could have appeared as early as in January, whereas previously the first case of COVID-19 was officially registered in the UK two months later.

Wright is an epidemiologist and a practicing physician working at the Royal Hospital of Bradford, which, although part of the British hinterland, is well known for its university as well as the Royal Hospital itself. This hospital has a long history and is closely connected with the British aristocracy — the Foundation stone of its new building was laid by the Duke and Duchess of York in 1928, and the hospital boasts that its origins date back to the beginning of the 19th century.

Wright not only works at the Royal Hospital, but he also runs the Bradford Institute for Health Research.

He has also worked in the cholera, HIV and Ebola epidemics.

Since Wright keeps his journal specifically for the BBC, his information cannot be overly extraordinary — the BBC simply will not accept such information.

Here’s what Wright says about an email he received with the information regarding patient zero. Wright claims that this letter came from a Bradford resident, he received it literally out of the blue. Whether this is true or not is a different question. But the main thing is in the content of the letter.

According to Wright, the letter’s author, Jane Hall, is a member of two choirs – the Voices of Yorkshire choir and the All Together Now Community Choir.

Jane Hall says that COVID-like symptoms affected members of both choirs, starting in early January. Among the first singers to fall ill was the partner of a man who returned from a business trip to Wuhan on December 17th or 18th. Then her friend from the choir became ill, then her best friend Christine became ill, and finally she herself became ill with the same symptoms.

She went on to describe her symptoms. “I had a sore throat that felt like I had swallowed broken glass, a high temperature, headaches… I was totally fatigued – I slept for two whole days which was totally unlike me. I had a high temperature and a dry unproductive cough.”

These symptoms do not mean anything, but Jane insists that with the passing of time, a new symptom emerged, “It was like breathing through treacle – I was really struggling to breathe and it felt like there was a lot of gunk I was trying to breathe through.”

And later Jane noticed yet another symptom – an impaired sense of smell.

Wright insists that the likelihood that Jane and the others fell ill in January and became infected in December 2019 is extremely high.

If one person spoke of such a thing, it may not be convincing. But the fact is that similar messages are received in large numbers. And soon it will be impossible to shrug them off. Moreover, they are not self-sufficient in nature, but they fit into a certain data set, which is disturbing by its diversity.

On May 11th, 2020, Dr. Devra Davis, an American epidemiologist spoke on the China Global Television Network (CGTN). Dr. Davis works on disease prevention, and she has served as President Clinton’s appointee to the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board.

She lectures at US and European universities, and her research is being highlighted on major media outlets like CNN, CBC, BBC, and the like.

Dr. Davis is an Honorary Professor at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, a Professor at the Department of Epidemiology of University of Pittsburgh and a Founding Director of the Center for Environmental Oncology.

At various stages of her career, she worked with the Pentagon and the World Health Organization, and she is one of the founders of the Green Zionist Alliance.

Again, you will say these are outcasts engaged in conspiracy theories?

Dr. Davis worked extensively in China, and she insists that there is no way that China would deliberately release this virus. She is confident in the abilities of her Chinese colleagues and their discipline. However, she says an international expert assessment is needed, which will allow us to answer numerous important questions. We want to know where the truth is, Devra says. We don’t know yet, we don’t have a full investigation.

She is quoted saying, “I certainly know from my experience with China that there is no way that the government deliberately released this. That I’m sure of. I’ve been working in China long enough to have confidence in the abilities of my colleagues… I think we need an international expert committee to come in at the invitation of the government of China, and the government of the United States and the European Union, and all the relevant groups, and of course the World Health Organization. But it is got to be invited and given full access to the information. Because there are just so many ideas running around now that are pretty bizarre. And we want to know what is really true, but we can’t know until we have a more full investigation of this.”

Then Devra goes to the main point. In fact, she says (and I would not discuss her statements if not for one thing I’m coming to) that in the United States, the expert monopoly is concentrated in the hands of the NIH – the National Institutes of Health. The NIH holds everything related to health care expertise in the US in an iron grip. Their employees will show up as White House experts, and then return to the NIH, where they came from, Devra says.

What is the NIH?

It is the primary agency of the United States government responsible for biomedical and public health research. This center consists of 27 institutes and research centers, and it is funded by the US government, with an estimated annual budget in the tens of billions of dollars. I emphasize – billions of dollars.

The NIH, along with institutes that conduct research in the field of dentistry, craniofacial injuries, diseases of the digestive system and the kidneys, blood vessels, lungs and blood, neurological diseases, drug treatment, arthritis, human genome research, includes the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), led by the well-known Dr. Anthony Fauci. This is the only Institute in the NIH system which deals with COVID-19, only this one.

The task of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is leading research to understand the nature of infectious, immunological and allergic diseases, as well as to develop methods for treating these diseases.

So, the NIH (National Institutes of Health) mentioned by Dr. Devra Davis, are afforded much greater opportunities than any other ordinary institution or even a system of institutions would have. One cannot confuse the NIH, including Dr. Fauci’s NIAID, with ordinary scientific institutions. The National Institutes of Health is a monster that has concentrated insane funds in its hands. To reiterate what Devra says, that these NIH employees come to the White House, have little chats, and then they leave. They are not responsible for anything. While they dictate everything.

Once again, the NIH has tens of billions of dollars at its disposal. It holds unimaginable amounts of money. And the only part of it that deals with COVID-19 reverts back to Dr. Fauci and his National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

And please, let no one, who is interested in finding the truth, be deceived by the name of this monster, it is naïve to think that this structure only conducts some research on innocent allergies.

NIAID relies on several in-house laboratories. One of them is located in Fort Detrick, Maryland. It is the Integrated Research Facility (IRF), which is part of Fauci’s empire. It is literally located in Fort Detrick, that is, inside the Army center that deals with biological weapons, in that very Army center, from whence came the scandal, which I analyzed when dealing with the question about COVID’s origins.

Fort Detrick is a very large military center that has been developing and testing biological weapons since 1943.

The center has gradually grown, and it is now a conglomerate consisting of several structures, such as the United States Army Medical Material Agency, The United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, National Cancer Institute, and other similar structures.

The Integrated Research Facility (IRF), which Fauci relies on, is a partner of the Fort Detrick Biological Defense Campus. Fauci, who has unique financial capabilities in terms of research on COVID-19 and similar diseases, has other non-financial capabilities as well.

The Integrated Research Facility is just one of the structures that Fauci relies on. Thus, it is all the more important to analyze the capabilities of this structure, its connection with Fort Detrick, and the capabilities of Fort Detrick itself. Only this will allow us to assess the exact capabilities of what is called Fauci’s biological empire, as well as the capabilities and goals of this conglomerate, even though this conglomerate, aka Fort Detrick, is only one of the elements of an even larger biological system.

First, about the Integrated Research Facility. Here is what was first published about it on April 27, 2009 in the periodical called “Popular mechanics.”

First a few words about the magazine itself. This is a very old American publication with its head office in New York. It was established in 1902; and since then, it has been quite authoritative in terms of obtaining a variety of information ranging from serious scientific and technical innovations, which are described in very simple language, to what we are accustomed to reading under the heading “for households”. Therefore, this publication is both venerable, popular, and authoritative. Its task is to explain the world in a simple way. And it certainly cannot in any way be called a conspiracy peddler.

By the way, it is also important to note that what it writes about the aforementioned Integrated Research Facility, part of the Fauci empire, are absolutely complementary, not a horror story, as you will see.

For me, both things are equally important: the fact that this is published in a respectable American publication that has remained authoritative since the beginning of the 20th century, the fact that this is in no way a horror story, and finally, the fact that she gives information concerning the empire of Dr. Fauci whose undeniable role in the coronavirus story is significant, which is confirmed by, among other things by his direct interaction with President Trump.

It can’t be otherwise, because again, the National Institutes of Health are not ordinary institutions. They are not the Sklifosovsky Center or the Botkin Hospital, this is a monster, inside which the only one who deals with the coronavirus is Fauci and his Institute. The money concentrated by this monster is unimaginable, and it wields not only money, but also vast political influence.

At the same time, I would like to emphasize that Fauci himself is a small cog in a large mechanism, which is the creators of the unprecedented coronavirus super shock.


Paul van Somer II (attributed). A caricature of the devilish art of Father Peters (Edward Petre), who, assisted by demons and Catholics, is engaged in Works of Darkness. 1689


So, what does this authoritative US publication say about one – just one-center that is part of the Fauci empire?

The integrated research Facility at Fort Detrick, MD, doesn’t look menacing. The three-story glass and brick structure, which could fit seamlessly into any suburban office park, is typical of buildings designed by architects who read studies linking sunlight with worker productivity. The leather chairs in the atrium seem to encourage lounging. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which operates the IRF, plans to install a coffee bar in the atrium.

But cocooned within the nearly completed (let me remind you, this article was published in 2009. – S. K.) $105 million facility (do you like the “coffee shop” ?  – S. K.) is a laboratory built like a submarine in a laboratory— 11,125 square feet of airtight, carefully pressurized space. As soon as next spring (that is, in 2010. – S. K.) 30 doctorate-level scientists wearing protective suits and hoods will conduct groundbreaking research in these rooms, trying to determine how lethal infectious diseases kill their hosts.

Hemorrhagic fevers like Marburg and Ebola, which are caused by viruses, are among the world’s most horrific afflictions. For about seven days after infection, patients suffer from flulike symptoms, but as the virus multiplies, blood starts to seep from the skin, mouth, eyes, and ears. Internal organs hemorrhage into bloody, shapeless masses. Some of these fevers kill up to 90 percent of those who contract them, and they can be passed along by close contact with bodily fluids, maybe even by sneeze.

Scientists still don’t know much about how these rare but deadly diseases operate. If they take root in America – carried by unsuspecting travelers or by terrorists – the medical community would have no vaccines to halt their spread. And there are only a handful of laboratories in the world equipped to experiment with these highly communicable pathogens; none has the sophisticated diagnostic gear installed in the IRF.

The best time an outsider to visit the IRF is before it goes hot – that is, now, before the deadly bugs are brought to the site. ‘It’s the only time,’ says Jason Paragas, the facility’s associate director for science. Paragas is one of 30 staffers who will work in this highly restricted lab. Quiet and friendly, with stout frame and easy disposition, he talks and moves with deliberation and does not seem to have an impulsive bone in his body. His dress is tidy and Maryland casual – a loose button-down shirt, but never a tie. The 37-year-old researcher has spent nearly three years working at the new facility, so he is a highly informed tour guide.

Paragas is standing in what will be the dividing line between two labs – an outer lab rated to handle dangerous infectious diseases, and an inner lab for the worst pathogens in the world. The outer area is the medical research equivalent of a maximum-security prison – Biosafety Level 3. The inner sanctum is classified as supermax, or BSL-4. Researchers can study bubonic plague at level 3, but Ebola and other killers that are transmissible and currently incurable must be quarantined at level 4 (i.e. in this Supermax. – S.K.). The Institute is so security-conscious that it asked Popular Mechanics not to identify the floor on which the BSL-3 and BSL-4 labs are located.

Water and decontamination chemicals from sinks and showers collect in three 1,500-gallon tanks in the facility. These tanks heat the waste fluids to 250 degrees F, or 121 degrees Celsius, killing anything that the disinfectant rinse doesn’t.

To enter the restricted BSL-4 lab, Paragas must first pass through two stainless-steel doors set up as an airlock. He punches in a code that deactivates the magnetic lock on the first door. The keypad also alerts the building automation system (BAS) that the air pressure is about to change. The BAS adjusts the air flow increasing the pressure in the BSL-3 area and decreasing it in the air lock. Once Paragas is ready to enter the BSL-4, BAS will ensure that the high-pressure air in the airlock flows into the low-pressure high security lab, trapping airborne pathogens…

The airlock door closes with a sound of an overworked drill which is caused by the rapid inflation of a rubber bladder that seals the smooth edges of the door. Once the facility is operational, the airlock will also serve as a decontamination shower. For 7 minutes, vertical banks of nozzles will spray water and virus-killing chemicals over the exiting scientists’ hoods and suits before the door to BSL-3 will open.

Paragas sees the glow of a green light: The BAS is allowing him to push open the second door and enter the BSL-4. Fluorescent lamps hanging in airtight boxes to prevent microorganisms from collecting on the edges, reflect off easy-to-decontaminate stainless steel. The walls have glistening sheen from the layers of epoxy potting compound that form a continuous seal across every surface. Light fixtures and electrical outlets that penetrate the seal are housed in airtight boxes and lathered in epoxy…

IRF architects designed everything inside BSL-4 with this level of security. Even fire-sprinkler heads are fitted with special valves to prevent viruses from making an unlikely swim up the pipes. At the conclusion of experiments, lab technicians will rinse metal equipment with chemicals, and then further purify the gear with an autoclave bake…

Once the BSL-4 lab goes hot, the animal testing will begin. Since primates react to diseases in ways similar to humans, they are the subjects for many level 4 experiments. The IRF staff is acutely aware of the sensitivity of using monkeys in medical research, but note that the threat posed by potential plagues demands real-world study. ‘We liken this to a monkey-intensive care unit,’ says Peter Jahrling, the IRF’s director.

Jahrling has spent more than three decades studying infectious diseases, yet he admits that the way they work still remains a mystery. ‘The animals die of a multi-system failure,’ Jahrling says,” but what initiates the terminal events?” To answer that question, researchers here will rely on medical scanners housed in four adjacent rooms in the BSL-4 bubble. No other biocontainment employs this type of equipment.

Each machine generates different information – a positron emission tomography (PET) scanner measures tissue and organ damage, while a magnetic resonance (MR) instrument is used to discern the vascular system. The X-ray machine will identify abnormalities in the chest and lungs; CT scans will show whether there is swelling in the brain. Snapshot by snapshot, the combination can reveal how hemorrhagic fevers like Ebola dismantle a healthy body.

Engineers at Philips Medical Systems modified the four scanners for use in this BSL-4 facility by moving the bulk of the hard-to-seal electronics outside the hot sections of the lab for maintenance. They also installed laser and infrared tripwires that will automatically halt moving parts on the scanners before they make contact with barriers between the level 4 zone and the outside world. Architects utilized special designs for the rooms around the scanners: copper sheets in the floor of the MR room, for example, shield the machine from radio frequency interference. These powerful medical devices present their own dangers such as the radioactive materials used in the PET scanner and MR magnets strong enough to pull rings off fingers or metallic replacement hips out of joints…

Staff will slide infected monkeys into the tube of this X-ray machine, the first to be adapted for use in high biocontainment. Scanners move around the tube for 360-degree views of the progress of a disease.

To gather data on the stages of an infectious disease, scientists in other labs typically expose a number of animals to the same pathogen, and then kill the subjects at intervals, examining the corpses to chart the disease’s progress. But thanks to the scanners, IRF staff will follow the course of the disease in a single animal requiring fewer to be sacrificed…

Researchers will wheel caged monkeys from holding areas into the hot sections of the lab, where they will inject them with highly concentrated viral doses. After allowing about a week for the viruses to take hold, handlers will sedate the monkeys and place them in the tubes of the imagers. Technicians outside the BSL-4 area will operate the scanners remotely, rotating them around the tube to peer through skin and bone to measure where oxygen and blood flows are failing, which will indicate what organs the viruses are attacking – and in what order. ‘Now we are shinning a flash light on the subject to find viruses,’ Paragas says. ‘By using these scanners, we will be able to illuminate the whole body. There will be nowhere for viruses to hide.

Once base-line knowledge of disease’s progression has been established, scientists will test the animals’ reaction to drugs, vaccines, and therapies. Researchers want to identify infectious diseases that run a similar course, so that the same vaccines and treatments can be applied to numerous outbreaks. ‘We can’t afford to make a vaccine for every emerging disease,’ Jahrling says.

The first rule in any fight is to know the enemy, and that places this outwardly normal office building on the frontline of a war against invisible foes that can mutate into more powerful strains. Jahrling is one of the nation’s most seasoned virus hunters and has no illusions as to which organisms have the upper hand: ‘The bugs are always one step ahead.’”

Well, it is clear that this article does not engage in demonization or conspiracy. It is apologetic; and therefore, it deserves additional credibility. I chose it exactly because of the apologetics, the integrity of the periodical, and the relevance of this information. Such laboratories exist not only in the United States. No one is going to instill fear from them simply existing. They are part of modern life. Without them, neither the production of biological weapons nor the fight against viruses is possible.

All I wanted to direct attention to is the scope of this laboratory. It took one hundred million dollars to construct this lab. And it’s not even about construction, but about filling it with certain equipment, ensuring a certain mode of operation, about paying employees, reagents, repairing the equipment – you never know what else. So, it’s not just a hundred million, you know? It is a certain component with about a billion spent on it.

Thus, the scope of the only one component in Fauci’s empire is something extremely capital, to put it mildly. But there are many such components. And they are integrated in what is called Fort Detrick.

And Fort Detrick itself is integrated into something bigger.

When you have this kind of conglomerate of laboratories and organizations, they do not just have a certain alliance with the military, CIA or similar groups. They are also staffed in a specific way, and they become affiliated with very powerful private structures.

Why then should we completely ignore the hypothesis that such a powerful part of the US elite whole, through engaging in something global, can impose its interests on the state and society by means of COVID-19?

Personally, I do not see anything supernatural in such a hypothesis and in order to confirm it with something (and I’m looking for this confirmation for myself, I’m not trying to sell it), I will examine Fort Detrick, which includes as a small part such a capital undertaking as the Integrated Research Center, aka – a drop in the sea called Fauci’s empire, in more detail.

When discussing Fort Detrick, I will deliberately cut off everything that looks appealing to conspiracy theorists and sci-fi writers, who have decided to regard this place as a concentration of worldly and otherworldly evil.

But along with the advertising brochures like the one I have just read, and conspiracy horror stories, there is something else. The normal history of Fort Detrick, ran by normal people. And this history deserves our attention.

In 1942, the US finally became convinced that Japan, which was its main enemy during World War II, was fully engaged in creating bacteriological weapons (Dr. Mengele was left to sulk in envy). Having confirmed this, the United States, not yet knowing how its nuclear project would end, decided to launch a project similar to the Japanese one.

It was done under Roosevelt, who always focused on this or that strong personality, who was able to conduct such a dangerous undertaking.

When it came to the nuclear project, the focus fell on Robert J. Oppenheimer and his guardian, General Leslie Groves, the military director of the nuclear weapons program, a kind of American Beria.

In terms of creating bacteriological weapons, the Roosevelt administration decided to rely on a talented biochemist from the University of Wisconsin – Madison (UW).  The UW is a public research university and is one of the founders of the Association of American Universities, has billions of dollars in trust funds, and it was one of the most highly respected Universities in the country during the Roosevelt Administration and remains so today. These reasons helped the Roosevelt administration decide to trust a UW researcher with the creation of US biological weapons.

The name of this researcher is Ira Lawrence Baldwin.

Ira achieved much, and he lived for over a hundred years dying in 1999. Ira began teaching bacteriology at the University of Wisconsin in 1927 and quickly advanced his academic career, becoming the University’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, ultimately leading to his role as Special Assistant to the President.

Roosevelt had been given a suggestion by George Merck, the President of Merck & Co., Inc, to place his trust in Baldwin. During World War II, Merck was the head of the War Research Service, which was established by Secretary of War Henry Stimson specifically for the biological weapons project.

This service was quickly incorporated into the Federal Security Agency (both Roosevelt and Stimson advocated for creating such new mission-specific organizations). Its headquarters was Fort Detrick, Maryland. The service was charged with overseeing the biological program, which was carried out by the US Chemical Warfare Service.

The War Research Service was disbanded in 1944.  After that, the creation of biological weapons came under control of the Chemical Warfare Service (CWS), whose initial tasks and objectives were assigned and monitored by Roosevelt and his Secretary of War.

A man named Frank Olson worked with Merck on the creation of biological weapons. It was this Olson, according to historians who study the US biological weapons program (historians, not conspiracy theorists!), who was drugged with LSD by a certain Sidney Gottlieb, who conducted programs in brainwashing at Fort Detrick. There is no conspiracy in this.

Sidney Gottlieb is a very extraordinary and talented Hungarian Jew, quite a historical figure, known as the “Black Sorcerer” and the “Dirty Trickster.” Gottlieb lived a long life, died in the same year as Baldwin, 1999, but he differed from Baldwin in his broad interests and eccentricity. He was fond of folk dancing, though he stuttered and limped. After retiring, he became interested in healthy living, he raised goats, milked them himself, took care of lepers in India, and he cared for the dying in hospice care. The question whether or not he died a natural death remains open.

Gottlieb worked with hallucinogens, implementing the Allen Dulles project MK-Ultra, which became the subject of various kinds of fantastic storytelling. But this does not mean that there was no such project. There are numerous documents available that anyone can read.

Gottlieb set the goal for himself of crushing the human psyche to such an extent that something new could be created from its remains.

There is a book about Gottlieb based on documentary materials. It is called Poisoner In Chief. Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control. The author is an American journalist and writer – Stephen Kinzer. I will share an excerpt with you from the program On Contact with Chris Hedges, in which Stephen Kinzer talks in detail about the hero of his research on Gottlieb:

Chris Hedges (the host): “There are two forms of government in the Unites States. There is the visible government, the White House, Congress, Courts, States legislatures, and governorships, and the invisible government or the Deep State where anonymous technocrats, intelligence operatives, generals, bankers, corporations and lobbyists manage foreign and domestic policy regardless of which political party holds the majority. The best window we have into this shadow world comes with historical accounts of its crimes including those in Stephen Kinzer’s new book: Poisoner In Chief. Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control. Joining me in the studio to discuss our invisible government is Stephen Kinzer…

Stephen Kinzer: “Gotlieb’s idea was that… before you could find the way to insert a new mind into somebody’s brain you first have to find the way to blast away the mind that was in there. You have to destroy a human psyche, a human soul and a human body if you could. Where do we start? Who is already an expert on this? Oh, the nazi in the concentration camps and those who worked in the Japanese vivisection shop up in Manchuria. So rather than hang those people we decided we would hire them and they became the basis of the American mind control program.

Poison and murder labs are not the invention of any particular country. Gottlieb intended to kill a lot of people on behalf of his CIA bosses. He later gave evidence on the matter.

He left the CIA in 1972, saying that he had failed in his most ambitious task. And that ultimate control over the human psyche, which entails creating something new from a person destroyed through certain influences, to his regret, cannot yet be reached.

So, Merck, Baldwin, and Olson are the major players in founding the US special biological project. Gottlieb is just as important. It was a multifaceted community that was engaged in creating these abominations. And it was clearly a united multifaceted whole.

Baldwin suggested an abandoned National Guard Base located at the base of Catoctin Mountain as the site for the new bio-research complex. This base was called Detrick Field.

On March 9, 1943, the US Army renamed Detrick Field into Fort Detrick, and a center for special biological research was established at this site. The center for creating US biological weapons.

But the history of Fort Detrick cannot be reduced to this single significant moment.

By the spring of 1949, a special operations division had been established on the site. This is also history – not conspiracy. Its task was to produce toxic bacteria for military use.  The task was not only to produce toxins, but also to study the capabilities of drugs in the field of mind control, and above all in the field of everything related to making it impossible to hide secret information. That is, it was about the use of certain drugs in order to crack foreign spies, as well as other people who do not want to give out secret information. And those were still the same people. In the same Fort Detrick.

By 1951, Allen Dulles assigned Gottlieb to carry out something bigger than a certain use of narcotic compounds in interrogations at Fort Detrick. Dulles needed a different measure to control the minds of Americans. This was a secret case, but again, these are not empty conspiracy talks, these are real orders from Dulles. Dulles wanted more control over the minds of Americans who had become receptive to Communism. Not only did Dulles want such things, but Gottlieb also wanted more, he spoke directly of his dream to destroy the human mind and implant something completely new in its place.

To this end, Gottlieb and Fort Detrick as a whole (I mean the special research division and its associated structures) used far-reaching experiments on prisoners. Of course, they benefited from materials that the Nazis in Germany and the Japanese who were engaged in biological weapons provided. All those who had these materials came to Fort Detrick and formed a single “unified team” here that engaged in unspeakable torture.

Gottlieb used his facilities to conduct experiments on prisoners. But where were they located? In so-called secret detention centers or secret prisons. Does it remind you of anything from a later period? Secret US prisons…

The first of these prisons, where Gottlieb worked, appears to have been established on German territory. Then it was expanded to a whole network of such special institutions. There, the Americans worked together with Nazi German and Japanese specialists recognized as war criminals, but were saved from the punishment they deserved for their crimes against humanity.

Just imagine it! Special prisons. Everything comes full circle. They bring a prisoner in and begin the torture and their experiments.

Why Gottlieb needed to conduct his experiments not on North Koreans or even on other Americans, but on his colleague Olson, as many claim, is unknown. But Olson’s family is convinced of it. I’ll quote Kinzer again.

Stephen Kinzer, “Frank Olson had a crisis of conscience. He went to Europe and in the summer 1953 he saw people being tortured and perhaps tortured to death with poisons that he himself had devised, this troubled him deeply. He told people he had enough and he was going to quit the CIA. And he even told this to his colleagues in the CIA… A few weeks after he started expressing his ideas he went out the window… It was 22 years later that the family was told, it actually wasn’t just a suicide because Olson was depressed. ‘We have to confess. We had surreptitiously given him LSD, so actually it was a bad trip that we helped to foment…

The President of the United States Gerald Ford went so far as to invite the family in to apologize. Something that had never happened before. But the family now believes that even though the government came clean about the LSD, that it was part of another cover-up and that actually he didn’t commit suicide for either of those reasons, and in fact didn’t commit suicide at all, they believe instead that he was helped out the window.

Olson’s family is convinced that he was murdered. At some point, Olson’s son came to see Gottlieb. Upon arriving, Goodness, he sees an ecological paradise in which Gottlieb is sitting milking his goats! The following dialogue took place between them.

Olson’s son says to Gottlieb, “Isn’t it time to tell everything? After all, I am a son, and I mourn for my father. Come on, time to tell the truth!”

Gottlieb responds, “Would you like some goat’s milk? Here have a drink – and then good bye! You picked the wrong man to interrogate. Not me.”

As for Gottlieb, he continued to work at Fort Detrick and managed to achieve, as he states, the complete destruction of human consciousness. He managed to reach it, the void, the emptiness. But he wanted to implant a new entity into this void, what he called the new Grail, but he failed to implant it.

Gottlieb loved to develop particularly toxic substances, and no MK-Ultra or Artichoke experiments, or the like, could distract him from creating his unique collections of various toxins… where? At Fort Detrick.

In 1970, President Richard Nixon, a deeply underestimated man, ordered stockpiles of toxic substances in all biological weapons centers to be destroyed. Why Nixon issued such an order is unknown. How this is connected with his impeachment is also unknown. But it is an undeniable fact that Nixon ordered biological weapons be destroyed for fear of using them in projects like the ones that Gottlieb and others were engaged in.

The rank-and-file military and CIA personnel carried out the President’s order. But not Gottlieb, who did not create his remarkable collection of toxins to give it away at the behest of some Nixon. No, he took this collection out and hid it. It is believed that in 1975 it was finally destroyed, when special commandos arrived and grabbed Gottlieb by the throat. Regardless of that, Gottlieb, along with his other successful colleagues like Baldwin, lived happy lives to almost one hundred years old.

Gottlieb’s base was Fort Detrick and Gottlieb’s goal was a very deep transformation of the human being as such. It is impossible to ignore this circumstance in all that the coronavirus story has immersed us in. But at the same time, one shouldn’t overestimate the role of this circumstance. Because we need the truth, not some construct.

For me personally, this circumstance cannot be a “universal key” to unravel what happened (it is clear that with the help of a “universal key” you can even detect an alien conspiracy), but an important part of the context that the coronavirus epic exists inside of.

Fort Detrick, Fauci’s empire, individual laboratories within this empire, the history of Fort Detrick, this story being part of something much larger and absolutely sinister – are all contextual (no more, but no less) circumstances, ignoring which, as I am convinced, makes the proper decoding of what is happening impossible.

For this is all a very long-term story.




On May 10th, 2020, in an interview with CBS, Trump adviser Kevin Hassett reported that the unemployment rate in the United States in May-June could climb past 20%. That there are now more than 30 million people in the United States who are filing initial claims for unemployment insurance, and that’s the biggest negative shock to the jobs market since the Great Depression (1929-1939). However, this can be reversed, Hassett said (after all, Trump has to get re-elected!). Kevin Hassett states, “There are a lot of economic differences between right now and the Great Depression, and here we understand why the economy is slowing down and we expect that we can reverse it.”

At the expense of what? By working some miracle? How can this be reversed? We actually know how the crisis of 1929 was reversed. It was not only very talented actions Roosevelt took to overcome this Depression of the 1920-30s. It was the Second World War, before which the US had not overcome anything.  So, when they say that the US overcame the Great Depression without a war… I mean, who are we kidding? I’ll ask again: why are events equal to the Great Depression a fixable thing, a process that can be “reversed”? Not even a word is said about it.

On May 11th, 2020, the authoritative journal Nature reports on its website that (quote), “People who are not white are substantially higher risk of dying from COVID-19 than white people – with pre-existing health conditions and socioeconomic factors explaining only a small part of the higher risk.”

Is it clear what is being said here? Nature says: we understand that part of the African-American and other non-white population simply does not live well and still does not lead a very healthy lifestyle, not to mention that healthcare is not very good in these communities either. We understand this, says Nature, but these factors explain only a small fraction of the increased risk. There is something else.

This statement is based on research by scientists from the University of Oxford, who analyzed more than 17 million medical records for the period from February 1st to April 20th, 2020. During this time, 5,683 people were found to have died from the coronavirus.

Researchers, emphasizes Nature, were never fixated on racial themes. They were interested in all the diseases and all the specific features that make people more vulnerable to COVID-19. “We want to find out where the risk groups are,” they said. At the same time, scientists were surprised to find this specific circumstance of racial predisposition, which, as they claim, is not reduced to the level of health or social determinants.

Around May 10th, 2020, specific misleading information was being spread, aimed to demonize the leader of China, Xi Jinping, who allegedly appealed to the head of the WHO requesting to not sound the alarm about COVID. They go so far as to name the day when Xi Jinping allegedly called the head of the WHO, but it turns out that there were no records of any calls between the two that day.

But no apology for this followed, nor did they reduce the level of demonization against China. Everything goes on literally like clockwork. Or probably not “like clockwork”, but verbatim in accordance with what is written in their instructions.

On May 11th, 2020, George Soros voices his position in The Independent, where he suggests the wager be made on the Chinese elites resenting Chinese President Xi Jinping, because he destroyed the previously existing principle of term limits.

Soros lashes out at both Xi Jinping and Trump, growling at Xi Jinping he says that by abolishing term limits (does it remind you of anything?) the PRC chairman (quote) “destroyed the political future of the most important and ambitious men in a very narrow and competitive elite.” Meaning the Politburo, and that “it was a big mistake on his part.” Xi strengthened his position in a way, but at the same time is extremely weak, and now perhaps vulnerable, says Soros. Soros admits that the struggle within the Chinese leadership is something that he follows very closely, being (quote) “on the side of those who believe in a [Chinese] open society.” Soros adds that there are many people in China who are very much in favor of an open society, just like him.

Which means, one should consider the Chinese version of what? – of perestroika. This is what Soros essentially means.

Moving from Xi Jinping to Trump, Soros states that Donald Trump would like to be a dictator, but his reign will be over soon. Soros links this with “COVID”. (I would like to note that all this is far from being a bowl of cherries for Xi Jinping, because he started a program that was supposed to make China the obvious No. 1 power if it had been implemented. All these New Silk Roads and Belt and Road projects are not a small thing, and COVID deeply disrupted them.)

Agreeing with the journalist’s remarks that Trump is not a supporter of an open society, Soros tells The Independent that the story with Trump will not last very long.

On May 13th, 2020, TASS reports on the assessment that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov gave on US policy. According to this assessment, The US and its allies are not abandoning their attempts to use the COVID-19 pandemic to promote their vision of world order and to escalate confrontation.

Not to promote their vision, but to create a world order. As if they would ever promote just a vision! The vision is also being promoted, but when people are sitting at home and can’t go out – is it just a “vision?”

On May 1st, 2020, the authoritative American Journal of Molecular Biology reports that American scientists have studied the structure of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and discovered features that, in their opinion, explain why this virus is spreading so quickly between people. To understand why SARS-CoV-2 is so contagious, biologists at Cornell University compared its structure to previously known human coronaviruses.

The authors of the study note that despite the fact that the new coronavirus is very similar in structure to SARS-CoV-1, which was first discovered in humans in 2003 – 76% of the genomic sequence of these viruses match – it has features similar to the less virulent (that is, less able to cause disease) human coronavirus HCoV-HKU1.

At the same time, SARS-CoV-1 has an extremely high mortality rate — about 10% – but does not spread so quickly, while HCoV-HKU1, although relatively harmless, is highly contagious, that is, infectious.  Scientists believe that it is the combination of the properties of the two viruses that makes SARS-CoV-2 so dangerous.

In addition, and this is important, the researchers showed a special loop in the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (the structural element responsible for binding the virus to the cell and entering the cell), which consists of 4 basic amino acids that are not found in any other known human coronaviruses.

By means of the spike protein (S protein) on the surface of the coronavirus, it attaches to the receptors of the attacked cells.

Researchers believe that a flexible loop located on the surface of the spike protein is able to somehow be cleaved, which provides a higher probability of the virus entering a new cell being attacked.

(So, they’re saying that there’s a loop inside the protein, and that loop is programmed to be cleaved. And this cleaving enables it to enter the cell. That is, it makes the disease deadlier.)

In addition, the special pathogenicity of the new virus, according to the authors, can also be explained by the fact that the spike protein SARS-CoV-2 is activated by an enzyme – furin protease, which present in various human tissues, not only in the lungs, but also in the small intestine. This means that the virus can multiply not only in the lungs, but in various organs, as shown by medical autopsies.

Will someone say that mother nature went and urgently created all of this? For mother nature is never in a hurry. Her powerful trends are devoid of such a discontinuity, without which it is impossible to explain the appearance of COVID-19.  So, it is either nature, or what they are denying – the artificial creation of a special biological agent called COVID-19.

All this suggests artificiality, but it cannot be recognized. Because someone put a ban on it. And this prohibition is being obeyed with mysterious docility.

The moment when any research finds evidence of the artificiality of COVID-19, those who are extremely uncomfortable with this artificiality immediately begin to refute the data from their colleagues, referring to their own data.

All this was published on May 1st. After only 10 days, on May 10th, 2020, the British journal Current Biology published an article by Chinese and Australian biologists who jointly studied bats, these biologists found a virus in bats that, in their opinion, can be considered the closest relative of the novel coronavirus. Scientists say, that in some areas of this virus genome that there are specific inserts of amino acids similar to SAR-CoV-2.

And right away the voice of scientists who discovered this circumstance suddenly starts containing ideological metal. Ten days have passed!

“Since the discovery of SARS-CoV-2 there have been a number of unfounded suggestions that the virus has a laboratory origin,” says Shandong First Medical University microbiologist Weifeng Shi. “In particular, it has been proposed the S1/S2 insertion is highly unusual and perhaps indicative of laboratory manipulation. Our paper shows very clearly that these events occur naturally in wildlife. This provides strong evidence against SARS-CoV-2 being a laboratory escape.”

This is not scientific language! I don’t want to say who is right, this group or the other, I just want to say: leave your tone and take a human one! Drop your ideological trumpet and take a scientific tone. The scientific community speaks a different language, they say: “We have evidence of this type. How will you respond? How can you explain this and that circumstance? Do these studies provide sufficient evidence? What do you think of these Indian studies?” And so on.

Open up a discussion among scientists, who have this or that point of view and you will hear such language.  Moreover, in science all such circumstances are shaky. All these studies are very precocious – both of them. Therefore, they should be discussed with the utmost openness and mutual respect.

“We have refuted you, what do you have to say for yourself!?” – this is not scientific language.

But no one is discussing anything. His Majesty political interest reigns – that’s what’s dangerous! And the interested parties do not hide this, because they don’t want to discuss who exactly created something artificial.

Why? Because everyone wants this “evil force” to disappear: “Truth, be gone! Be gone all that hinders us! Come all that is useful to us!” Under these conditions, the truth cannot be found.

But it doesn’t take much to popularize the desired myth. The unprecedented nature of the current quarantine, therefore, requires a particularly close study. After all, someone had to inspire the need for its implementation, to frighten through its scale, and to develop the necessary measures. The discovery of this collective “someone” can further help us to discover the meaning of the big game that is being played around the coronavirus.

When something bad occurs in the world, it is tempting to simply identify this badness with some individual, preferably a more or less rich and powerful person, and a person who declares his desire to contribute to this badness. In relation to COVID-19, Bill Gates has undoubtedly become such a figure.

He and his wife, Melinda, are accused of trying to use the COVID-19 epidemic to promote the evil that people rightly sense in the way the coronavirus story is unfolding, what far-reaching projects are being proposed, for which this story becomes a kind of driving mechanism.

Is it possible, therefore, to consider these accusations against Gates to be absolutely untenable? Not at all. The evidence suggests that Mr. and Mrs. Gates are greatly involved in the games around the coronavirus.


Melinda and Bill Gates. 2009


Another thing is that the Gates by themselves do not satisfy the role of being the main demons of the 21st century. They are not up to this role. And no amount of money, which the Gates don’t have as much as is claimed (or, more precisely, they have too much for ordinary people, but too little for super-demons) can magically change the world and lead to the ultimate enslavement of humanity. For this enslavement and global transformation, money is very necessary but absolutely insufficient. Therefore, we need to look at specific games the Gates are playing, and not just make up stories about them. We can and must look at these specific games and those who are involved in them.

One of these specific games the Gates are playing is called “The Grand Challenges in Global Health” (abbreviated GCGH).

The history of this initiative is as follows:

In January of 2003, Bill Gates spoke for the first time about The Grand Challenges of Global Health. He announced these challenges at the World Economic Forum in Davos. And it immediately became clear that they don’t want to talk about how the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which we have already discussed, are Gates’ partner in dealing with these most ambitious challenges. So, who is Gates in relation to the NIH?

How much can Gates spend per year? He would rather hang himself ten times (look at his face) than give out billions of dollars if they are not somehow returned to him.

Compared to any individual, Gates has tremendous financial power. But compared to the US government and its investments in health research, Gates is a minor figure. And this applies not only to Gates, but many other things.

In addition, the US government has more than just money. As we have seen, it has many other resources at its disposal. Gates doesn’t have any of that.

Once, to illustrate the necessity but insufficiency of money, I said that the Pope of Rome, or the Superior General of the Jesuits, have both money and something else – a huge number of sufficiently energetic people who will carry out any order. But in our country, if some oligarch of ours gives an order in a critical situation, only his personal secretary might be willing to follow it, and even this is not for certain. This is the fundamental difference. Therefore, money is necessary, but not enough.

Big changes in the world come about through big communities acting. And if on other issues the statement “look for a woman” (cherchez la femme) is true, then with these kinds of massive global changes, it would be more fitting to say: look for big agents of change with great combined capabilities. It’s not Gates. But this statement does not mean that we should not consider his inclinations. Because, as we have seen, these inclinations have large systems behind them with a variety of capabilities that involve not only bribery, but mass murder, and many other things. Gates would think nothing of such murders. But he doesn’t have an army of assassins to do his bidding. And you can’t hire them for money. Different principles of control are applied here.

The Old Man of the Mountain, aka Hassan Al-Sabbah, sent assassins, not tempting them with earthly monetary rewards. They were attracted to him in a different way.  He chose those who could be attracted this way – with transcendental happiness and the like, this rule is always true. Hired killers are not something that changes the world. Even paying off individual regiments or other military units in some Latin American countries (and even others) – doesn’t change the world. The world changes differently.

So, in 2003, in Davos, Gates announced his partnership with the NIH, which is more powerful than Gates. Who bought whom? Why did the NIH need Gates?

It was next announced that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is giving a certain amount to the Foundation of these National Institutes of Health (NIH). How much did the Gates Foundation allocate to the NIH Foundation, despite the fact that the US government allocates tens of billions of dollars to the NIH? The Gates Foundation gave $200 million to the NIH Foundation. As they say in such cases, “every little bit helps.” But when I look at Gates’ pursed face, I can’t help but suspect that the Gates wanted to cash in by sucking up to the NIH. Not to philanthropically give money to the giant NIH. It was about some kind of entrance fee to something.

To what? Into creating some kind of platform. A scientific board for these Grand Challenges that the NIH and Gates must manage together. An elephant and a pug. The NIH is the elephant, Gates is the pug.

It wasn’t just the pug who needed the board. The elephant needed it for some reason, too.

In January of 2003, Gates announced an initiative to address the grand challenges of global health.

In May of the same year, the scientific board began to work. He was to formulate the most important scientific tasks in the field of global health.

In October 2003, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced the first 14 scientific challenges that will be the focus of the Grand Challenges in Global Health Initiative.

These 14 tasks include improving children’s vaccination, creating new vaccines, improving medication for infectious diseases, and others.

By August 2004, the scientific board had selected 400 applications for grants to conduct research on these 14 designated tasks.

In May 2005, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in addition to the $200 million previously given, allocated an additional $250 million to the Grand Challenges in Global Health Initiative.

By this point, it was clear that the NIH needed a non-transparent private platform for something. They needed an operator like Gates.

In 2013, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation became one of the partners of the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT) and one of its main financial donors.

And in February 2015, the Grand Challenges in Global Health Initiative entered into partnership with the GHIT.

Which elephant entered into partnership with the pug this time?

It is a Foundation created by sixteen pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies from Japan and the Japanese government. It is an international public-private partnership.

This leads to the direct question – what’s Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba?  Why do Gates and his US backers need the Japanese? Or more precisely, a strong bond between the colossal Japanese giants, pharmaceutical and otherwise, and the Japanese government? Because the sixteen companies that have invested in the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund have incomparably greater capabilities than Gates.

We will discuss what is inside and at the core of any such conglomerate of companies later. What we are discussing is enough for now.

The NIH, that is the US “Elephant”, which for quite a long time, as we have seen, has been maintaining ties with the Japanese in the development of biological weapons (as well as cooperating with war criminals, which it has bought over), for some reason needed Gates as a platform, allowing to unite efforts of by US groups revolving around the NIH (and these are very powerful groups) with no less powerful Japanese groups. And all this obviously began to revolve around the familiar topic of biological weapons for this US-Japanese alliance. Even at the moment when such cooperation began, it seemed somehow suspicious. Moreover, almost every major Japanese pharmaceutical company has its own scandals involving kickbacks through certain funds.

For example, in April 2019, Astellas, one of the sixteen companies that created the Global Fund for Innovative Health Technologies (GHIT), in partnership with the Japanese government, paid the US Department of Justice $125 million to settle claims of providing kickbacks through Medicare funds. Medicare being a national health insurance program in the United States for residents aged 65 and older, but also for some younger people with certain disabilities. This is even bigger than the NIH. Medicare has tremendous capabilities.

What does Astellas do? Among other things it deals with infectious diseases.

Any fresh thoughts on this regard? Or how? Are these two completely different issues?

Both Astellas and other companies, I emphasize once again, can’t shake the scandals generated by their special ways of promoting vaccines and other pharmaceutical products.

Gates immensely admires the Japanese GHIT. Gates states that this remarkable Fund (and I quote): draws on the immense innovation capacity of Japan’s pharmaceutical companies, universities and research institutions to accelerate the creation of new vaccines, drugs and diagnostic tools for global health.” And that especially the developing countries have a terrible need for all of this.

And Margaret Chan, former Director-General of WHO, praising the work of this global fund, said that “The GHIT Fund has stepped in to provide an incentive in a pioneering model of partnership. And that the incentive “brings Japanese innovation, investment, and leadership to the global fight against infectious diseases.” 

In other words, we are talking about an attempt to redistribute large sums of money spent on fighting these diseases. At the same time, GHIT is the first public-private partnership that simultaneously involves the Japanese national government, the United Nations, a consortium of pharmaceutical companies, and an international charity. An innovative idea, isn’t it? It smells of a certain super-redistribution with an unclear global and geopolitical background and the creation of such structures that could then be easily converted into global power.

But wait, there’s more. Next is “Event 201″, which we have already examined, where the Gates and their associates in inciting the hysteria in the beginning of the “coronavirus story”, very accurately predicted exactly how this “coronavirus story” would develop. Word for word.

But this too is not all. Yes, there was an activity called “Event 201”. But someone had to start that wild howl about how the coronavirus is so unspeakably terrifying. And here you need not only those who give the order to move forward, but those who can carry it out. Who are these figures?

Who is Sir Roy Malcolm Anderson? He is a leading British expert on epidemiology, specializing in what? In mathematically modeling the spread of disease.

Anderson was not only the British Ministry of Defense’s, Chief Scientific Advisor from October 2004 to September 2007. In other words, exactly when Rumsfeld began to develop his idea of universal quarantines. They developed it together; only Rumsfeld is a politician, while Anderson is a man who is capable of fanning the flames of panic.

Anderson was a lot more than just that. For example, from 2003 to 2010, he was a member of the Bill and Melinda Gates’ “Grand Challenges in Global Health” advisory board.

Do you see the connection?


Roy Malcolm Anderson


Who did Anderson bring with him? Neil Ferguson, known for his extremely alarmist forecasts and demands for mass quarantines. Who yelled, “quarantines or death!” Neil Ferguson. Who is he? A member of Anderson’s team. Who is Anderson? A member of the Gates’ advisory council that we have already discussed.

Did Ferguson’s mathematical predictions come true? The ones that promised the world death from epidemics if this world did not rearrange itself for permanent quarantines? Did these predictions come true? They have already been out for a while. No, they didn’t come true!

In 2002, so-called mathematical biologists, the Anderson-Ferguson group, predicted the death of 50,000 Britons from Mad Cow Disease (bovine spongiform encephalopathy). They claimed that if this prion disease were to infect the sheep, then 150 thousand British people would die. What did it cost Britain? Does anyone think that the people curating the mathematical biologists didn’t derive any benefits from this?

In 2009, Ferguson predicted that 65,000 Britons would die from avian flu. How many actually died? 457. Was Ferguson disgraced? Not at all. He only continued receiving promotions. Who keeps promoting him?

Ferguson has become an advisor to the World Bank, and he advises European governments. That’s who keeps promoting him.

On March 16th, 2020, Ferguson’s epidemic modeling Group at British Imperial College published a report examining two strategies for countering the spread of the coronavirus.

The first strategy is mitigation, which focuses on slowing but not necessarily stopping epidemic spread.

The second strategy is suppression, which aims to reverse epidemic growth, reducing case numbers to low levels. This reduction can only be achieved in condition of a strict quarantine.

Ferguson and his team gave the following forecast:

“In total, in an unmitigated epidemic, we would predict approximately 510,000 deaths in GB and 2.2 million in the US, not accounting for the potential negative effects of health systems being overwhelmed by mortality”

The authors of the report insist that the only viable strategy at the moment is a strategy of suppression. This strategy will require extreme measures — imposing drastic restrictions on work, school activities, and social gatherings, until a vaccine is available, which could take up to 18 months.

Ferguson and his group warned that such measures would entail huge costs: “No public health intervention with such disruptive effects on society has been previously attempted for such a long duration of time. How populations and societies will respond remains unclear.”

But despite this, the authors insist on adopting a strategy of suppression, that is, on conducting a destructive “policy of intervention.”


Neil Ferguson


On the same day, March 16th, 2020, in the United States, new extensive Federal recommendations were released to sharply restrict the activities of US residents.

The New York Times responded with the article “White House Takes New Line After Dire Report on Death Toll.” The article reported that the new White House recommendations are based on the Ferguson group’s terrifying scientific report.

Asked at a news conference with President Trump about what led to the change in thinking by a White House task force, Dr. Deborah Birx, one of the task force leaders, said new information had come from a model developed in Britain.

As Neil Ferguson said in an interview with The New York Times, his group had shared their projections with the White House task force about a week prior.

More than likely, Ferguson shared his experience and negative forecasts not only with the United States, but with the French. Four days before it was shared with the Americans, on March 12th, 2020, French President Emmanuel Macron implemented a lockdown in his country.

We have some of our high-level administrators saying, “Well, we were told that there will be a lot of deaths.” Who told you this? Tell me more. What is their full name? Through whom did you communicate? Through Skolkovo or through some other sites? Where are the terminals? This Ferguson is not the only one who’s pushing it all, but everyone starts howling. And then they get away with it. They say, “Yeah, that was exaggerated… But what can we do, they are so nice! Let’s trust them again!”

It’s not some lone Bill Gates. It’s not Anderson, or someone else from that group. Nor is it just the Japanese corporations. It’s not even just a huge affair with the US National Institutes of Health. It’s bigger.

But back to the details. Sometimes, they are important. Sometimes the devil is in the details.

Simon Cauchemez, who also insists on the mass isolation, is part of the Anderson-Ferguson group. I would like to stress once again, an unprecedented mass isolation, which someone has to push. Cauchemez is a member of the Élysée Palace’s scientific council on COVID-19. The creation of this scientific council for the Élysée Palace was authorized by Professor Jérôme Salomon – the head of the public health department at the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health.

The group, which includes Salomon, and Cauchemez, and others, is sometimes referred to as a Bernard Kouchner group. The same Bernard Kouchner who was both the Minister of Health in many French cabinets, and the high representative of the United Nations Secretary-General in Kosovo. He was also the Foreign Minister in a number of French cabinets and a co-founder of Doctors Without Borders.

Kouchner is a major figure in terms of peculiar pseudo-leftist games. He’s a pseudo-leftist, who one could have certainly called a Neo-Trotskyist, but who then swung far to the right. Does this not remind you of the neoconservatives?

But Kouchner is also a major player in the field of medicine, as well as a major player in highly questionable games that are carried out in conflict flashpoints around the world. I emphasize, “highly questionable” is not my personal assessment.

One of these dubious games was the affair with “Le Ile de Lumière” (Island of light – French). Kouchner chartered a cargo ship under this name. This ship brought a group of doctors to the South China Sea to rescue a group Vietnamese who had escaped the Communist regime and were trying to reach Hong Kong by boat. These fleeing Vietnamese were drawn into a massive con game, full of circumstances best described as bizarre and dark.

Kouchner has been championing the concept of the right for intervention since the 1970s. That is, Western enlightened countries intervening — in the name of what? In the name of preventing dictatorial abuses by any Assad or anyone else.

Kouchner is a very big dealer, quite capable of carrying out a variety of bloody initiatives.

Here’s what Kouchner said about Slobodan Milošević when he was the Minister Health (seemingly, what do you care?): “How many times did we hope that the day would come when we would be able to say to any dictator, ‘Mr. Dictator, we will not allow you to oppress, torture, kill your population.’ Finally, the desired moment of intervention in former Yugoslavia has come. The intervention that we have been calling for for 8 years, since 1991. <…> And the intervention in Kosovo, which we have been talking about for eight years.” (CIT. by: Lettre de Réunir, Printemps 1999, citée par Burnier, Les 7 Vies du Dr Kouchner, p. 445 (“The seven lives of Dr Kouchner” p.445.)

A nice pseudo-leftist, isn’t he? Well, a former one now.

After becoming the UN high representative in Kosovo, Kushner got so dirty that the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Carla del Ponte, condemned Kouchner’s refusal to cooperate with investigators.

Kushner also refused to cooperate on the issue of the political wing of the Kosovo Liberation Army. Specifically, he refused to cooperate regarding acts by the gangster Hashim Thaçi, who was his protege. His dark acts included drug and organ trafficking.

Kushner’s medical games were also very peculiar and ominous.

Now let’s ask ourselves a question: “Could there be something really big that can use this all in its game? Including Anderson, who is firmly embedded in Bill Gates’ initiative, and Ferguson, who tightly associated with Anderson, and their friend Cauchemez, and Kouchner, and Salomon too?”

After all, someone had to be the one to go about turning the real fight against COVID into an ecstatic orgy, with the danger of COVID and other epidemics, being fantastically exaggerated. It is not the first time that such fantastic exaggerations have taken place in the name of huge profits!

Think about it, among other things, this insane frenzy generated massive financial currents aimed at rescuing people from the consequences of COVID-19. Not only at saving them from COVID-19, but also at saving them from its economic consequences. We are talking not about billions or hundreds of millions, but many trillions of dollars. The spending on this rescue are unprecedented. Where did the money go, into whose hands? Bill Gates isn’t enough here. A consortium is needed here, that can get rich off this frenzy, filthy rich, by taking advantage of the ruin of those who did not join the consortium to buy up assets, and to combine this enrichment with a geopolitical attack on China and Russia, to deal a blow to Trump’s positions before the US elections, and implement some sort of new quasi-quarantine world order projects. Lots of objectives, right? This is not just “two birds with one stone”, but a crazy amount of targets are hit at the same time!

So, what is this consortium where the Gates family can only play a modest though vibrant role?

Once you understand that Gates is a very significant “errand boy”, you can, through analyzing these fairly interesting errands, understand what happened. But if you make the errand boy into the main all-powerful demon, the meaning of the game escapes you. And you do not have a real picture of what is happening, but a kind of mythological simplified construct.

Trying to understand the exact meaning of this incredibly big and dangerous game, I pose the question: which particular consortium made Gates its “errand boy”? Moreover, random people don’t fit this role. The errand boy is a very high-ranking person.

Next, I want to know what role an organization like The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) plays in this consortium.

What is this CEPI, which was founded in Davos in 2017 with the participation of:

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The London-based Wellcome Trust, which specializes in biomedical research,

The World Economic Forum,

* as well as a consortium of countries that initially included Norway and India. Later, Japan, Germany and a number of other countries joined the consortium.

CEPI is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.

Back in 2017, before all this COVID trouble, the journal Nature described CEPI as follows: “It is by far the largest vaccine development initiative ever against viruses that are potential epidemic threats.”

They haven’t said anything like that about any other organization, have they? All of a sudden – “the largest vaccine development initiative ever against viruses that are potential epidemic threats” emerged. They said this in 2017.

And in 2020, CEPI was named a key player in the race to develop a vaccine against COVID-19.

What kind of the key player is this? Who is behind it? And what is not the invented, but the real meaning of the ongoing game?

(To be continued.)


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This is the translation of the fifth article (first published in the “Essence of Time” newspaper issues 384 on July 3, 2020 and 385 on July 10, 2020) by Sergey Kurginyan.

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