Russian Ambassador to USA: US conceals information about air defense missile hitting Kiev hospital

09.07.2024, Moscow.

The United States prefers not to mention that the munition that hit Kiev’s Okhmatdet hospital was a Ukrainian air defense missile. The US officials and some local observers cynically use this tragedy in their anti-Russian statements, Russian ambassador to Washington Anatoliy Antonov said. He wrote about it in his Telegram channel on July 9.

In his account, the diplomat said, “This is not the first time we have seen the Kiev regime brazenly attribute its own barbaric crimes to the Russian Federation. What has happened shows only one thing: the United States should stop supplying the Banderites with weapons that are killing civilians in Russia and Ukraine itself.”

Antonov also suggested that the incident with the damaged hospital, which took place on the eve of the NATO summit in Washington, was perceived by the West as a convenient excuse for further escalation of the conflict and its continuation “to the last Ukrainian”.

On July 8, it became known about the damage that the Okhmatdet Children’s Hospital received as a result of the strike in Kiev.

The Russian Defence Ministry denied Kiev’s accusations of a deliberate strike on a civilian facility. The destruction was the result of the Ukrainian air defense system.

The Kiev regime made similar statements before, especially before the NATO summit.

On July 8, Russia launched strikes on military industrial facilities and air bases of the Ukrainian armed units in response to attempts of the Ukrainian side to damage the Russian energy and economy.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency