Navalny's doctors in Omsk show no signs of poisoning

04.09.2020, Moscow.

Agents with which Alexei Navalny had been allegedly poisoned were not found in the systems of any of Omsk doctors, chief toxicologist of Omsk region and Siberian federal district Aleksandr Sabayev stated, as TASS informs on September 4.

Sabayev noted that the attending physicians of Navalny in Omsk had been in close contact with him for almost two days after his admission to the hospital. However, no one got poisoned.

“We examined blood, urine samples and were in contact with skin over 44 hours. Do you know how many people touched him, felt him? Many. Everybody is alive and well, nobody has anything,” said the toxicologist.

According to the Omsk toxicologist, Russian doctors have not analyzed the fluid flushed from the patient’s skin, because this is what criminalists do. And if there were poisonous warfare agents on Navalny’s skin, the surrounding people would also suffer.

In addition, Sabayev said that the doctors at the Charité clinic in Berlin did not seek cooperation with Russian doctors. On August 23, Navalny’s arrival was reported from Germany and no requests were received after that.

“The clinic has been silent for 12 days, doesn’t say anything, doesn’t get in touch with us, it is not interested in the circumstances, and it is not interested in the analysis. We have continuously performed over 60 tests – none of them were requested,” Sabayev added.

After Navalny was transported to Germany, Russian doctors sent two letters offering cooperation and information exchange. However, there was no response from the Berlin clinic. Later, the German Cabinet of Ministers stated that Navalny was poisoned with substance from the “novichok” group, but so far no evidence has been provided.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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