China prepares painful sanctions on US officials

14.05.2020, Beijing.

Draft legislation on the imposition of counter-sanctions on US politicians who proclaim that China is guilty of spreading the novel coronavirus, has been developed by the Chinese authorities, writes the Global Times with reference to the source on May 14.

The United States Senate is considering Republican Senator Lindsey Graham’s bill called the “COVID-19 Accountability Act”. The law, among other things, allows the President of the United States to impose sanctions on China if China does not give a full account on the coronavirus. Also, lawsuits against China related to the spread of infection are pending in the US courts.

China, for its part, does not recognize any charges regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Also, the PRC expressed counter-allegations against the United States on the same subject. “China will respond not just symbolically, it will take stronger countermeasures that would be painful for them (US politicians),” the newspaper writes.

According to the Global Times, at least four congressmen and two US companies could be sanctioned by China. Sanctions against other officials who actively criticize China on the  pandemic is also under consideration. The PRC is also considering the imposition of countermeasures against some other countries that are going to act in the interest of the US on the coronavirus and accuse China of spreading it.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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