Coronavirus has collapsed the world and is dragging it into a world war

07.04.2020, Moscow.

The coronavirus has already become a powerful shock, regardless of whether it’s aritificial or it’s a natural disaster. Moreover, this shock is not local, but global, not “narrow”, but “extremely broad.”

Form the start it suggests a long “tail” of aftershocks as reactions to the initial shock. Moreover, these reactions are verty much artificial, therefore, designed to have an affect on all spheres of human existence: economic and political, sociocultural and military, scientific and everyday life.

These reactions construct (create, set, change) new institutions in all spheres that are mentioned. And the directions of several changes are already quite clearly seen.

1. “Emergency” and efficiency of the necessary response measures. They cannot but be removed from the framework of the “legal” norms of decision-making (coordination, consistency, etc.). And they give both: a “carte blanche” for shifting the framework of “legal” norms, and leniency for errors and unforeseen negative consequences.

2. The very scope of legal action. It is miraculously widened before our eyes either by the adoption of new laws or by-laws, or by default of their ”expediency.

3. The gradual reformating of almost all international institutions: political and economic. Prior to the crisis, they had been gradually losing their unconditional and mandatory status, but now they have begun collapse in the most obvious way. Above all, they have become extremely self-centered and isolated.

Sometimes it is manifested as bashful egoism, sometimes – as bellicose egoism, but it is particularly visible in international unions, such as the UN, the EU, NATO, the Eurasian Economic Community (EAEC), the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), etc.

4. Self-isolation as a new legal and positive lifestyle is rapidly becoming a new norm for the human community. And a “self-isolation industry” of a kind immediately expands and “bubbles up” – distance learning, health care, entertainment, home delivery of any goods and services.

An almost complete “self-service” set for a militant egoism arises, and at the same time, not only the foundations, but also the opportunities for educating, supporting, developing altruism disappear. Thus, not only humanity as a global community and countries as communities become “as if meaningless”, but also any local groups based on hobbies, except for the virtual ones.

5. Communication is becoming more and more “virtual” and “electronic”. Individual awareness, as a complex of fundamental bases for making decisions, is less and less determined by an individually conscious decision and increasingly depends on offered or imposed information tools.

A selfish individual who is drifting in the virtual information flow cannot, by definition, be a citizen, hence, such person cannot consciously participate and influence public policy. It’s as if he or she is listed among the “citizens“, but in reality, becomes an object of any economic, political, or social “aftershock” manipulations which control his or her will “as a citizen”.

6. A situation when a selfish non-citizen in a selfish state with ruined decision-making standards, with unconditional confidence in victory and impunity, while international institutions are collapsing, and there are almost unlimited possibilities for virtual manipulation of person’s “opinion”, creates a fertile ground for establishing the “rule of the mighty” on a global scale by any means, including a world war.

Comment of Yury Byaly, the Vice President of the Experimental Creative Center (ETC) International Public Foundation, on coronavirus outbreak.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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