Russian Prosecutor General’s Office provided the Netherlands with all information on MH17

06.03.2020, Moscow.

Russia has submitted to the Netherlands all necessary materials on the investigation of the Malaysian Boeing shot down over Donbass that the Netherlands prosecutor’s office requested, Interfax reported on March 6 citing a spokesperson of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office.

Also, the prosecutor’s office also provided the Netherlands with additional “important details of the circumstances of the crash.”

The spokesperson of the Prosecutor General’s Office also said that the jurisdiction of the Hague district court, as well as any other foreign court, “does not apply on the territory of the Russian Federation,” and Russia is not a party to this court proceeding.

The court sessions on this case will start on March 9 in the Schiphol court complex and will last till March 13. This will be the first period of hearings of five. In addition to the mentioned period, the other ones in 2020 will take place on March 23-27, from June 8 to July 3, and from August 31 to November 13, as well as one period in 2021, from February 1 to March 26. In total, the hearings will last 25 weeks.

The Malaysian Boeing, flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down over Donbass in the summer of 2014. Immediately after that, Ukraine alleged without providing any evidence that Russia was involved in this crash, and this version became predominant in the West.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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