Political scientist: China faces a dilemma – Tiananmen 2.0 or the country’s disintegration

16.08.2019, Moscow.

China currently faces a dilemma in connection with the situation in Hong Kong: to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, which essentially means to repeat the events on Tiananmen Square in 1989, or to launch the process of the country’s erosion and dissolution. Doctor of political science Vladimir Pavlenko drew such a conclusion in his article “In Hong Kong, Beijing decides between the consolidation of society and decay” for REGNUM News Agency published on August 14.

In his article, the author indicates that the new exacerbation of the crisis in Hong Kong (the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (SAR Hong Kong)) has obvious signs of the United States’ and British interference, as officials of the SAR Hong Kong government, the Chinese State Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have repeatedly stated.

The author emphasized that the Chinese authorities announced and began to implement decisive actions (in particular, the deployment of the military units to the border with the special administrative region) to prevent the further development of the crisis and riots only now, after more than 2 months since the beginning of a new escalation of the conflict.

To date, all possible concessions to the protesters have been made, and riots have begun to paralyze critical infrastructure. “The demonstrators, who had been trying to present their protest as ‘peaceful and non-violent’ since June, were given the opportunity to ‘show what they capable of’ and to demonstrate the evil grin of chaos that is hiding under the guise of democratic slogans,” Pavlenko writes.

The author notes that the escalation of the riots has currently exceeded all the deadlines and gone through all the stages. The protest itself in fact turned into a “real terrorist threat” being one step away from bloodshed and thereby bringing Chinese society on the brink of a real civil war, Pavlenko states. “The situation more and more resembles the one that developed in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square thirty-odd years ago,” the expert summarizes.

The author explains that, unlike the 1989 events on Tiananmen Square, the West has this time chosen “China’s most remote outskirt, but also the one that is most vulnerable and most globally prominent” as its target. Pavlenko explains this choice by the fact that today the West has been deprived of the opportunity to organize such provocations in the Chinese capital due to the rapid development of China as an independent center of power in recent decades.

“For the second time in a third of a century, the official Beijing faces a choice: to protect the law together with the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country or to bury all the results of  four decades of accelerated development with its own hands, starting the process of country’s erosion, disorganization, and disintegration. The choice of responsible authorities should be obvious to anyone. The speculators and provocateurs, who feed like parasites on this choice while trying to score political points from it, have not disappeared and will never vanish, so taking their opinion into account is not worth the effort,” summarizes Pavlenko.

In June 2019, a new wave of mass street protests swept Hong Kong (SAR Hong Kong), the reason for which was information about the possible adoption of a law on the extradition of suspects from Hong Kong to mainland China.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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