Russian Foreign Ministry accuses US of supporting Syrian militants near Al-Tanfa base

08.04.2019, Amman.

The US Armed Forces closely cooperate with militant gangs in the vicinity of the international coalition base in Al-Tanfa, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov said following the talks in Jordan on April 7.

In particular, Lavrov said that the US unilaterally created a certain “security zone” around the base. At present, in this zone, with a radius of 55 kilometers, multiple armed squads have accumulated, and they continue fighting against the legitimate government of Syria. According to the minister, “The Americans cooperate perfectly with these militant gangs”, moreover, the US “helps them recuperate.”

Lavrov characterized the presence of the US and international coalition forces in this area as “occupational” in essence since there is no legal basis for this. The zone designated by US troops also contains the infamous Al-Rukban refugee camp.

Lavrov met with Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ayman al-Safadi this Sunday immediately after his working visit to Egypt. One of the topics of talks with his Jordanian colleague was the issue of working out a peaceful settlement to the Syrian conflict.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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