Ukrainian Navy personnel admit to provocation

27.11.2018, Sevastopol.

Ukrainian servicemen deliberately intruded into Russian territorial waters, the detained servicemen said upon interrogation on November 26. The Public Relations Centre of the Federal Security Service (Russian: FSB) published a video of the interrogation.

According to the commander of the logistics vessels division of the Ukrainian navy base “South”, Captain 3rd Rank Vladimir Lesovoy, he understood the provocative nature of the navy’s actions. He also confirmed that the vessel was carrying combat weapons. Lesovoy heard the Russian Border Guard servicemen’s warning calls, but he could not stop because he had an order to fulfill.

On November 25, Border Guard servicemen detained several Ukrainian ships after they illegally crossed the Kerch-Enikale Channel.

Previously, the FSB published the full timeline of Ukrainian navy’s provocative actions.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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