Odessa Maidan supporters detain Russian truckers

28.11.2018, Odessa.

Members of AutoMaidan Odessa and Maidan’s Self-Defense Odessa groups are blocking Russian trucks and taking off their license plates. This information was posted on Facebook accounts of the groups on November 27, 2018.

The protest is called “Enough! Nobody goes anywhere!” on the page of Maidan’s Self-Defense. Russian truckers are reported to give up their plate numbers voluntarily. The members of the group say they will keep the plate numbers until the situation with the sailors detained in the Kerch Strait is resolved.

Members of AutoMaidan Odessa are saying, “at this point in time, we have found four trucks and are continuing our search. Ready you are or not, here we come!!!” The page calls “all patriots of Ukraine” to support the protest.

On November 25, three Ukrainian Navy vessels provoked an incident entering Russian territorial waters illegally. The intruder ships along with their crews were detained and transported to the port of Kerch.

The detainees have already confessed to deliberately carrying out a provocation. The Security Service of Ukraine has already recognized that there were intelligence officers on board the vessels.

On November 26, Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada’s deputies called upon the international community to send warships to defend Ukraine from Russia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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