“They didn’t do a bloody thing” – political scientist on Soviet ideology development

06.05.2018, Moscow.

USSR disintegrated because of dogmatic beliefs and Soviet institutes not developing the communist ideology, political scientist Dmitry Kulikov said on May 5 on the air of Vesti FM radio.

According to his opinion, dogmatic beliefs cannot be used to make headway on the path of the global progress. The ideology must be developed, but “to do this something should have been questioned, something should have been thrown away, something should have been completed and something should have been changed”.

 “We had many institutes that were supposed to do this: The Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute, the Philosophy Institute. We had all sorts of institutes. They didn’t do a bloody thing”, the political scientist added.

While discussing the reasons for the Soviet Union collapse, Kulikov noted that “we haven’t yet really paid all the bills for years 1989 to 1991. The post-Soviet years we lived in have to be understood with tears and blood. This is the terror of the current historical challenge”.

On December 8, 1991, the USSR was destroyed by the signing of Belavezha Accords. The agreement was signed by leaders of 3 out of 15 national republics of USSR: the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR), the Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic and the Ukrainian SSR.

Editorial comment

The stiff ideology could not appear on its own, or because some institutes were not willing to do their job. They would have worked at maximum power if only the Communist party, the Soviet elite and the society as a whole preserved the belief in Communist ideals and the memories of blood spilled in the struggle for them.

The loss of this belief had produced the mutation first in the elite and then in the whole society, which started to lust for the consumer society fruits. The degeneration of the Soviet elite is the main reason for the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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