Essence of Time continues to protest against the Year of Solzhenitsyn

29.04.2018, Moscow.

Studying Solzhenitsyn’s works in Russian schools will inevitably lead first to maidanization of people’s conscience, and next to a Maidan on the streets with a resulting loss of the statehood as it was with the Ukrainian scenario, a representative of Essence of Time movement said during a single person protest near the Moscow Mayor’s office, a Rossa Primavera News Agency correspondent reports on April 28.

The protest took part as a part of the all-Russian protest of Essence of Time movement which continues for the second day. The protest is supported by dozens of Russian cities all over the country.

In Moscow, same as on the day before, the protests took place near the Moscow government buildings and Moscow city council.

 “Look how the Bandera ideology that was implemented in Ukraine for decades is similar to Solzhenitsyn’s ideas. Same fierce Anti-Communism, Anti-Sovietism and so on. What did this lead to in Ukraine? Read Solzhenitsyn’s works. He justifies and praises Hitler henchmen – Bandera’s and Vlasov’s movement members. Solzhenitsyn in The Gulag Archipelago calls them some freedom-loving people that don’t wish to be oppressed by Russia. He calls the Soviet authority more terrible than the Nazi regime. But we do know that Vlasov and Bandera collaborated with the Nazis during the Great Patriotic war and that they surpassed Nazis in their atrocities! A nation that believs in the deceitful statements of Solzhenitsyn is bound to lose self-respect. It is also bound to repent for its history and gratefully accept guardianship, meaning occupation, of the so-called civilized West! This is what happened in Ukraine under ‘Ukraine is Europe!’ and ‘Hang the communists’ slogans. The dissemination of Solzhenitsyn’s ideas can’t result in anything else but in a fall of the Russian statehood. We must prevent that!”, the protester said.

The Russian Government prepared an extensive plan for celebrating the centennial anniversary of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. All state regions are planned to have exhibitions, conferences, roundtables, and different school events on the occasion.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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