Warsaw is preparing to cleanse the information space

12.02.2018, Warsaw.

The Polish citizens have already have a right to file suit in court for a violation of a new law on criminal prosecution of persons who publicly spread the information concerning the complicity of Polish people to the Holocaust, says the official statement  of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Polish town of Bydgoszcz, RIA Novosti reports citing the official web-site of the Prosecutor’s Office on February 12.

The Polish Prosecutor’s Office statement notes that since the end of 2006 more that 500 cases of the use of the phrase “Polish deaths camps” in the media and Internet-resources have been revealed. According to the new law it is a crime.

“Those offended by such wording may file a suit on the violation of individual rights” explains the report.

A similar statement was published on the web page of the Prosecutor’s Office of the town of Świdnica.

In the January of 2018 the Polish Parliament passed a law, according to which any public statement that can be interpreted as an accusation of the Polish state or people of complicity in Nazi crimes committed during World War II is criminally punishable. Moreover, the similar punishment is imposed on those who deny the fact that massacres of Poles in Volhynia were a crime and also those who spread Bandera ideology.

Israel and the USA have criticized the new law as they are concerned with the fact that such a legislative norm could be used against the Jews who suffered during the German occupation of Poland.

Ukraine criticized Warsaw for the recognition of Bandera ideology as criminal. Ukranian politicians considered this step on the part of Poland as “a stab in the back” of the Ukranian statehood.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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