Monuments to the Red Army soldiers in Poland are going to be demolished

06.02.2018, Warsaw.

Monuments to the Red Army soldiers in Poland reconstructed by Polish volunteers could be demolished, said Jerzy Tyc, the chairman of the Polish patriotic organization Kursk, at a meeting with the Russian Military Historical Society (RMHS), RIA Novosti news agency reported on February 6.

According to the source, the Polish Kursk organization had reconstructed and preserved monuments to the Soviet soldiers in Poland for four years. The group plans to make a catalogue showing all installed monuments, memorial plaques, and military equipment honoring the Soviet soldiers-liberators, said the head of Kursk. “There used to be almost 600 of them, but only 230 remain. After the events in Ukraine, volunteers’ opinion on the issue of preserving monuments to the Soviet soldiers had differed with the opinion of our authorities. Kursk is the only volunteer organization in Poland that preserves the memory of Soviet warriors, ” he explained.

Jerzy Tyc believes that Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance is, in fact, a “Ministry of Propaganda and can pass any law. Propaganda of communism or another totalitarian system was banned since the last year’s fall. Demolition of Soviet monuments is also expected, “ he added.

Past fall, Poland enacted “the law on prohibition of propaganda of communism or another totalitarian system.” The document adopted by Polish lawmakers, among other things, suggests the demolition of Soviet monuments. Out of 450 Soviet-era monuments, 230 are commemorating the Soviet soldier. This law does not apply to cemeteries and grave sites.

Source: Rossa Primavera news agency

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