Investigation by REGNUM News Agency: In whose interests Yandex is working

06.02.2018, Moscow.

Internet service Yandex.News sides with the Russian opposition led by Alexey Navalny, REGNUM alleges on February 6.

Yandex.News is actively promoting ‘opposition’ in general, and N., a sorry excuse for a politician, in particular. Yandex tries to convince people that Russia is wrong in everything, and therefore she is rightly rejected by the international community. They plant the idea into the people’s minds that there are defeats and failures everywhere in Russia. If only Yandex existed as a political party, it would be clear how and for whom they would vote,” stressed REGNUM.

According to the REGNUM editorial board, “most active Internet users in Russia get news from the Yandex news rating“.

REGNUM news agency noted that Yandex releases as top stories only those focused on negative news. According to REGNUM, this is done in order to present positively their advertisements against the background of bad news.

The company Yandex is registered in the Netherlands. The company owns and operates an Internet search engine. It is the fourth in the world and the first Internet company in Russia in terms of search queries.

Source: Rossa Primavera news agency


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